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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What Municipal Issues Concern You? Here are the results of our Community Conversation.

On March 13, 2014 of this year Cranbrook residents enjoyed a Community Conversation to discuss issues which might concern them around local government.  From the results it would appear most found it a very worthwhile exercise.  It was disappointing to those who attended that some who said they would attend did not but those who did were able to voice their concerns and now everyone will be able to evaluate the results and hopefully learn from them.  

It is interesting to compare the communities who were privileged to take part in this exercise as some issues are very much the same in all but there are distinctive differences with some individual needs.

From the report:
'Meeting participants were given a flipchart sheet with twenty boxes marked off, and were challenged to come up with twenty key issues or opportunities that their community should be talking about in this. They then used a prioritizing method to determine which five issues their table could agree on as being the top priority for exploration and discussion. The table below shows issues that made the “top five” list at tables in each community. The numbers show how many tables in that community put that item on their “top five” list. Items that were very similar have been grouped.' 

For the whole report:

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