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Monday, April 28, 2014

Advance Notes for the Council Meeting of April 28th 2014


5.1     Operation Street Angel,  Shannon Girling-Hebert


To consider first reading of a proposed amendment of the Official Community Plan to re-designate a property located on 30th Avenue North from a "Highway Commercial" designation to a "Low Density Residential" designation.

Business Arising

7.1  RDEK Bylaw Referral 2516
The RDEK has referred a proposed amendment to the Rockyview Official Community Plan (OCP) to the City for comment. The Rockyview OCP includes the Wycliffe area and rural areas surrounding Cranbrook.
On April 7, 2014, Council deferred consideration of the proposed Bylaw amendment to the Rockyview OCP until clearer map attachments were provided. For purposes of increased clarity, City staff have added labelling of recognizable features and directional orientation to assist Council
in its consideration. The Rockyview OCP includes Development Permit Area #1 (DPA #1) which is intended to protect various environmentally sensitive areas within the OCP area. Proposed amendment Bylaw No.2516 is intended to clarify the purpose, requirements, exemptions and justifications of Development Permit Area #1.

New Business

8.1     To consider appointment of a representative from the Well ness and Heritage Committee to the Highway 3/95 Revitalization Committee.

8.2     To consider renewal of the Cranbrook Transit System Annual Operating Agreement.
8.3     To consider approval of a Baker Hill Development Permit to enable construction of an accessory building (detached garage) on property located at 222 - 11th Avenue South.

8.4     To consider allocation of funds for the Columbia Basin Trust Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs (2014/2015).

8.5     To seek Council's direction on a preferred Option regarding the Resident / Non-Resident Leisure Services fee structure for submission to the RDEK for their consideration.   The options can be read at:

8.6     That Council approve the adjustment of the Fire Services training facility budget from $375,000.00 to $415,700.00.

8.7     To seek Council's approval to waive the Rotary Park band shell rental fee for a series of 13 free music concerts to be held in Rotary Park throughout the summer of 2014.

Committee Recommendations

8.8     Cranbrook in Motion
To seek Council's approval for the recommendation made by the Cranbrook in Motion Committee regarding crosswalks at the intersection of Baker Street and 17 Avenue S.

8.9     Environment and Utilities
That Council approve the following recommendations from the Environment and Utilities Committee:
1. That the Environment and Utilities Committee receive a copy of the fleet replacement policy for review.
2. That the Environment and Utilities Committee look at a long term facilities replacement strategy including the cycle/walk path and the Joseph Creek area.
3. That the Environment and Utilities Committee seek a delegation from the Ministry of Environment, Water Protection to come and speak to the committee.

Administration Update

Attachments 2 and 3 contain the results of the Community Conversation held March 13th in Cranbrook.


12.1 – 12.16

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