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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Growing Business

As usual there are two sides to every story.  This is about the long term.  Do we understand the real implications of Bill 24?
Farmers in BC are saying no to the proposed Bill 24 and changes to the Agriculture Land Reserve.

Farmer Selfies
Emma and Jacob
Emma & Jacob
Farmer Allies
Farmer Allies
Kelly Hodgins
Kelly Hodgins
Shoot Down Bill 24 (2)
Shoot Down Bill 24!
Real farmers (2)
Consult Real Farmers!
manure (2)
Enough of the BS…
Farmer selfie on 24 (2)
The Naked Truth on Bill 24 to kill the ALR – farmers were not consulted
zone 2 rancher
Zone 2 Rancher
dogs and cows 2 (2)
Real Farmers for the ALR
consult farmers before changing (2)
Consult Farmers!

Arzeena from Amara Farm in Courtney
Eatmore sprouts
Eatmore Sprouts
Farmer Jonathan
Farmer Jonathan
farmer moss
Farmer Moss
Lin and Oliver Edible Acres
Lin & Oliver from Edible Acres
Nigel Francis
Nigel Francis
No 24 rototill
Wind Whipped Farm
photo (2)
Poultry promotes the ALR
no bucking way
Glen Valley Farm
sheep selfie
Parry Bay Sheep Farm

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