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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Post Notes for the Council Meeting of April 7th 2014


5.1 Living Wage and Poverty Reduction, Darcy Victor
The Powerpoint presentation is available at:
The Living Wage Project  was discussed as this research is now wrapping up.  For Cranbrook a living wage is considered to be $14.16 per hour and both parents would need to be working in a family of four. Issues around poverty reduction were also introduced and this matter will be referred to the Family and Community Services Committee.

6.1 Five Year Financial Plan. Adopted after clarification regarding 2nd St was sought by Councillor Davis.  Councillor Davis wanted assurance that no budget for above ground improvements has been included.  CAO Staudt assured Councillor Davis that at this time only underground services are budgeted for. No final decision has been made with regard to the nature of the above ground improvements.

New Business
8.1 RDEK
To consider a referral from the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) for proposed amendments to the Rockyview Official Community Plan (OCP) to clarify purposes, requirements exemptions and justifications of Development Permit Area (DPA) # 1 Protection for Environmentally Sensitive Areas.

The proposed amendments to the Rockyview Official Community Plan will better define environmentally sensitive areas and the values to be protected within rural areas around Cranbrook. The revisions will also clarify expectations and responsibilities regarding development within DPA #1 areas for applicants and RDEK staff. For these reasons, City staff recommends that Council consider recommending approval of proposed amendment Bylaw No. 2516.
Councillor Pallesen requested that this be deferred because the maps were difficult to read. The recommendation will be postponed until the next Council meeting.

8.2 Downtown Commercial Development Permit
The City of Cranbrook has received an application for a Downtown Commercial Development Permit to enable an addition for an existing commercial building located at 14 - 12th Avenue South. The subject property is zoned C-1 - Community Commercial Zone and is located within the Downtown Commercial Development Permit area.

In an attached letter, the applicant indicates the proposed addition will provide the additional space required for Sweet Gestures to take on more available business. The letter notes the addition will specifically provide the needed counter space for staff to work more efficiently on different tasks of the chocolate business at the same time.

8.3 Report from the Mayor's Brown Bag Lunch

Committee Reports

9.1 Cranbrook in Motion
To seek Council's approval for recommendations made by the Cranbrook in Motion Committee.
That Council approve the following recommendations from the Cranbrook in Motion Committee:
1. That the Street Sign and Road Marking Manual for the City of Cranbrook as prepared by ICBC and McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. be approved for use as a guideline for street signs and road markings for the City of Cranbrook.
2. That the standard guidelines for restricted parking and roadside stopping at crosswalks as provided in the Street Sign and Road Marking Manual (30 meters in advance and 15 meters downstream of the crosswalk) be approved for implementation at the crosswalk located on 7th Street adjacent from Highlands Elementary School to improve sightlines, and that the residents of the two properties be advised.
3. That the yield sign at the intersection of 7th Street South and 27th Avenue South be replaced with a stop sign in accordance with the Street Sign and Road Marking Manual.
4. That the yield sign at the intersection of 14th Street South and 8th Avenue South be replaced with a stop sign in accordance with the Street Sign and Road Marking Manual.
5. That a stop sign be installed at the bottom of Panorama Drive North, and that the two stop signs currently located on 30th Avenue North at the intersection be removed.
6. That a request be sent to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to relocate its speed sign at the top of Victoria Avenue South, near 10th Street further up Victoria Avenue to the City's southern boundary, and further, that the City relocate its speed signage on Victoria Avenue at 10th Street to the City's southern boundary at 13th Street.

9.2 Family and Community Services
To seek Council's approval for recommendations made by the Family and Community Services 
That Council approve the following recommendations from the Family and Community Services Committee: 
1. That the Family and Community Services Committee have further discussion and conduct 
research into the physician shortage situation and the subject of using nurse practitioners.
Councillors Davis and Pallesen were opposed to this suggestion as they felt strongly that all direction for committees needed to originate from Council.  It was pointed out that in the near future 3300 people in Cranbrook will be without a physician.  Councillor Davis stated the City does not have a role in this.  "We don't have the staff or the funds." he said.  
Following protocol the committee asked for permission to pursue this issue and it should be pointed out that committees are volunteer.
The recommendation carried with Councillors Davis and Pallesen opposed.

9.3 Wellness and Heritage
To consider the recommendation made by the Wellness and Heritage Committee. 
That Council approve the following recommendations from the Wellness and Heritage Committee: 
1. The Wellness and Heritage Committee Terms of Reference be amended to include a designated member from a recognized heritage group; and 
2. the Wellness and Heritage Committee Terms of Reference be amended to include a Heritage Sub-Committee of up to four members, to review Heritage Registry nominations and assist in 
heritage matters.

9.4 Economic Development
To update and advise Council of recent changes in the committee's make-up, and of recent committee 
The committee membership for 2014 is: 
• Joey Hoeschman (Chair) representing the Downtown Business Association (new committee seat) 
• Mike Adams representing the Cranbrook & District Chamber of Commerce (new committee seat) 
• Jim Conley (GM of MainRoads Contracting) representing the Transportation Sector 
• Gord Felske (general contractor) representing the Construction & Trades Sector 
• Sean Abram (Professional Engineer) representing the Technology & Manufacturing Sector 
• Chris Ayling (ICBC insurance agent) representing the Retail & Professional Sector 
• Helder Ponte (retired economic developer specializing in First Nation resource development) representing the Energy & Natural Resources Sector 
• Joseph Cross (professional artist and member of the BC Arts Council) representing the Tourism, Arts & Culture Sector 
• Darrell Bethune (Dean - College of the Rockies) representing the Education Sector 
• Mayor Wayne Stetski, City Council Designate 

The committees focus through to the end of April is updating of Cranbrook's Economic Development Strategy. As part of this process the EDO held an in depth planning workshop with the Committee members on March 20th The three and a half hour workshop, helped identify the  preliminary priorities to be fleshed out over April before presenting to Council for consideration. In the workshop the committee worked with the summary notes from input received during three focus groups held in December with members of the business community. The summary notes (attached for Council's information) helped identify priorities to consider in the workshop. 

Notes can be found at: 

These are the Opportunities listed:
- Downstream supply service sectors,
- The returning trades from the oil sands, etc., how can we take advantage in developing new
businesses from early retirees? Tied to succession planning.
- Our college is an opportunity for developing new programs.
- Developing "business teams" made up of local business people to help package and promote
- Reprocessing of waste products [forestry and other waste material]
- Structural lam plant.
- Manufacturing / rehab rail cars for Teck.
- Recvcling plant.
- What products do the mines need that we can produce locally?
- "Bid Resources" fabricating for CANFOR (follow-up with D. Rounsville) can they look at opening
local facility.
- Come down to having a "can do" attitude
Very surprised to see local food supply not listed.  Local production of food using geothermal and solar has great potential.
Very surprised not to see fostering and promotion of the Arts as an economic generator. See Iceland article:
 Furniture manufacturing?  Cranbrook Interior Woodwork supplies cabinets to all of south BC.  What about furniture?
Maybe the public could suggest ideas?

Administration Update
CAO Staudt went through the update which can be read at the link above.  Concerning the removal of the old city landfill site from the ALR in order to convert to industrial zoning, Councillor Pallesen was heard to say she had had not thought about environmental concerns.

12.1 - 12.19
including: Dog Show, Safe Communities, Sam Steele Days Slow Pitch Donation; Request for Signage; Old Moir Gravel Pit; Curbside Recycling; Relay for Life; MBSS Prom; Chamber Annual Report; Fire Dept Response; Structural review of brick electrical building.
Requests concerning The Dog Show at Moir Park were approved.  The request to have a signage recognising Cranbrook's designation as a safe community at the West and East Entrance was approved. Councillor Pallesen had no problem so long as there was no expense to the City. Parking for Turtle Day at the West Entrance was approved.  Temporary signage for the International Choir Festival was approved.  A request for funding for the Prom Foods Committee was denied.  Council received the Structural Report concerning the old brick electrical building for information.  Councillor Scott did express her opposition to this project.  

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