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Friday, April 11, 2014

Michael's Musings

"Power corrupts" but Cranbrook city council majority moves forward on physician shortage plan

By Michael J Morris

 I don't quite get it.

The Family and Community Services Committee of the City of Cranbrook appointed by city council made a seemingly reasonable request, given the physician shortage here to have "... discussions and conduct research into the physician shortage and the subject of using nurse practitioners."

OK you ask, what don't I get?

It is totally beyond me why Councillors Angus Davis and Denise Pallesen were so opposed to the request insisting that all direction for committees needed to originate from council, according to the report on the Cranbrook Guardian.

Goodness, given the reports that in the very near future 3,300 Cranbrook citizens may be without a family physician, methinks all members of council would be encouraging any and all to provide assistance to help resolve this looming crisis in the provision of adequate health care in the community.

But the committee seems to have run afoul of those councilors who seem to be addicted to the notion that the power is with them at the top, so to speak, and committees will only act when directed to do so. Sort of "You will only speak when spoken to."

Whenever I see this arise on the political scene at any level, I am reminded of Lord Acton's famous dictum: "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

In this case, the Davis and Pallesen opposition was defeated by council, and the committee request approved.

Why in the world would any good citizen of Cranbrook want to sit on any committee, volunteering their time and talent when such an attitude prevails among some members of council. You could devote a lot of time working on any project to help improve the community and have the "powers that be" throw it under the bus.

Councillor Davis apparently stated that the city does not have a role in doing anything about the physician shortage. Nonsense. The first responsibility of government is to ensure the safety, security and well being of all the citizens it represents.

I still don't get it, but I hope that if they seek re-election this year, citizens will grill them on their position on the physician shortage as well as their reasons for insisting on top down control. My email is


  1. I am quite honestly overwhelmed by the response to this column, but I really do not have the answers you wish -- only Councillors Angus Davis and Denise Pallesen do. I suggest you contact them. I hope they get the message I am getting

  2. Let us hope that all citizens are informed of the position taken by these two councillors. There comments and actions are just plain ignorant and really show how in touch they really are. Thank goodness we have councillors who see the impending problem and respect the information provided by a committee that they chose. Remember, folks, election in the fall.