Citizens for a Livable Cranbrook Society provides grassroots leadership and an inclusive process, with a voice for all community members, to ensure that our community grows and develops in a way that incorporates an environmental ethic, offers a range of housing and transportation choices, encourages a vibrant and cultural life and supports sustainable, meaningful employment and business opportunities.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Tree of Life

With no more snow in sight (hopefully!) and a nice weekend upon us a lot of us will be planning our gardens and working in our yards.  If you are thinking of planting a tree or two this spring the City of Cranbrook is offering a  $50 rebate to homeowners who plant a tree in a number 10 pot or larger on their property.  Application Forms are available online or are available for pickup at city hall. In an urban setting trees are invaluable not only for their aesthetic appearance but they also produce oxygen, are carbon sinks, clean our air, provide shade, act as a windbreak, fight soil erosion, and can even increase your property value. Think about planting a tree this spring.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Cranbrook's Armond Theatre

The distinct frontage of this once well-frequented movie theatre now cries for attention. In the seventies this theatre was Cranbrook’s only year round movie theatre and was also used for such functions as the Sam Steele Sweetheart Pageant. This tall building adds architectural interest and balance to Tenth Avenue but its once brilliant neon sign is broken and the FOR SALE sign has been in the window for too long. Rumours abound about the potential costs to restore the building but what potential rewards there could be if it was restored!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Release a Fish, Save a Species

Efforts to save the Sturgeon in the Kootenay River are picking up speed with the release of hundreds of younger fish.  The Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program in conjunction with the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho as well as other support groups have released over 400 sturgeon into the Kootenay River.  Fewer than 1000 of the species are believed to be left in the river so projects like this one are important.  Many of the sturgeon in the river are 40 years of age or older.  While this effort will hopefully help the numbers of sturgeon larger projects are required such as habitat restoration to bring this prehistoric creature back from the brink of extinction.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

East Kootenay Invasive Plant Council 3rd Annual AGM & Conference - April 7, 2011

While you might think that this post is old news, indeed, it is very timely.  Garden clean up has started and people are thinking about what plants they might want to purchase for their gardens this year.

Did you know that some of the plants that we purchase to put in our gardens are invasive, and have choked out native species. The RDEK offices in Cranbrook has some valuable literature you can pick up to ensure you are planting species that are not invasive.  Some of the invasive plants are:  Butterfly Bush, Common Periwinkle, English Holly, English Ivy, Giant Hogweed (nasty!), Himalayan Blackberry, Knotweeds (Japanese, Giant and Bohemian), Himalayan balsam (Policeman’s Helmet), Purple loosestrife, Scotch Broom, Spurge Laurel/Daphne, Yellow Flag Iris, Dalmation toadflax, Oxeye daisy, and Yellow Archangel/Lamium. People generally want to avoid planting ornamental and food species that can spread out of control to other gardens and surrounding grasslands, forests and parks. 

In 2010 the EKIPC spent roughly $321,400.00 on targeted on-the-ground treatments, which is more money spent than in any previous year, plus additional work done by three crews hired by the Invasive Plant Council of BC through the Hot Spots program. 

The speakers were:
- Michael Keefer (expert in plant science, plant ecology, native plant horticulture, ecological restoration, and ethnobotany) is adjunct Professor at the Centre for Livelihoods and Ecology at Royal Roads University, and President of both Tipi Mountain Native Plants Ltd. and Keefer Ecological Services Ltd.  He talked about partnership building and Ecosystem Restoration. 
- Dr. Matthias Herborg  (Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator for BC’s Ministry of Environment) is focusing on applying his academic background to applied management problems of aquatic invasive species.
- Katie Villano Spellman (plant ecologist at the Institute of Arctic Biology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks) fuses her experiences as an educator and ecologist and wrote Alaska’s first invasive plants curriculum for elementary schools and conducts teacher training throughout the state.  Her current research focus is insect-invasive plant relationships at northern invasion fronts in Alaska.
- Mollie McCahon (Lakeshore Assessment System Coordinator in Sandpoint, Idaho, for Bonner County) spoke on aquatic invasives, and brought home the importance of transboundary border inspections giving some frightening examples of how unclean boaters, unchecked at the border, are transporting Didymos (an invasive known as rock snot), and zebra and Quagga mussels.
- Tim Ross (professional agrologist who came to the East Kootenays on a three-year contract 20 years ago and operates Ross Range and Reclamation Services) gave the Wigwam Flats Report. He shared some research findings from an ongoing noxious weed control and monitoring project.

The new EKIPC Board has some challenges ahead and are considering expanding the invasive plants by adding aquatics.  The workshop portion was full of very worthy ideas for dealing with the spread of invasives.  Best wishes to the new Board!

Remember – “Weeds are a Pain in the Grass”

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Keeping up with Change

Another theme of Dr. Greg Halseth's lecture this last month was 'change'.  Never before has change happened so quickly.  Keeping up and being prepared is one key to the global and local survival of an economy.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Safe Lawns

TM Roberts students start the evening with an Earth Day Song
 A very informative and inspirational talk and movie showing was given to a small but enthusiastic group of people on Thursday, April 21st on the subject of safe lawns. Much of Paul Tukey's information can be found on his blog and website at:

With our local School Board having just decided to ban the use of cosmetic pesticides on its' fields and more information appearing regularly on the dangers of pesticides this talk was well timed.

Patti Moore introduces Paul Tukey

Paul Tukey is just one of the many sites which provide good ideas for lawn maintenance.  There are additional alternatives such as clover lawns which might be considered when deciding to avoid those suspect pesticides.  Just accepting an 'imperfect' lawn also goes a long way too. A grassed area even when it contains plants other than grass can be perfect for playing soccer or back yard games or for complimenting a beautifil shrub and flower border.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Planet Care All Year

April 22nd, Earth Day marks the day around which many environmentally oriented activities take place but we all know every day needs to be Earth’s Day. This last week has seen many people out in Cranbrook, pitching in and removing the collection of winter’s garbage. It would be a wonderful day if after the snow melts there was no need for this activity. The topic of Safe Lawns was discussed this week and the movie ‘A Chemical Reaction’ was shown at the College of the Rockies. Trash to Treasure Day is today. All these small activities help to remind us how important it is to think about and care for this planet, which sustains us.

One new habit for my household this year has been curbside recycling and although I have always thought I did a pretty good job of sorting and collecting my recyclables, having this service has made a huge difference to how I think about every box, piece of plastic, tin and glass container. It is so much easier now to put them all in the blue bin. They are removed from my curbside every week and sorted for me. So between my home compost and my recycling service, my one garbage can now only gets put out less than once a month. Cranbrook has a choice of curbside recycling businesses and my year’s service fee was a gift last Christmas from my children – it was a great gift and I truly appreciate it every week.

Members of Rocky Mountain Naturalists, Streamkeepers and Citizens for a Livable Cranbrook were out cleaning up Joseph Creek this past week.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dunrobin Repatriated

It was a sad day on Friday, April 16th when the closeted Dunrobin saw light of day for the first time in several years and was loaded onto a flatbed for the first leg of its journey back to the UK.  The engine and coach once the 'toy' of the Duke of Sutherland were a much loved feature of the Fort Steele railway for many years.  1077 took over the main duties many years ago and the old train set was left in the shed hoping for repair.  Unfortunately parts and cost issues made this impossible and so it was decided to sell the engine and coach back to their homeland.  After restoration in the Severn Valley, the Dunrobin and coach will be operated and displayed in the Beamish Museum.

The Dunrobin was a 'colourful 'addition to Fort Steele although its' history was not linked at all other than the engine provided the needed service of pulling the carriages.   When the history of the Dunrobin and its' original owner was relayed to the many guests who rode the train during its stay at Fort Steele, it was not uncommon for the conductor to be asked "When will we see the Duke's castle, or "Will we meet the Duke?"

After the decision was made to sell the Dunrobin,  it was due to Bob Whetham's  hard work that this valued part of rail history, a dear little train with its one unused carriage, was secured the appropriate and safe home to which it will go.  It is already displayed on the Beamish Museum website.

For more information:

Fond farewell

The beautiful coach and upholstery well-protected from the elements

Thanks to Bob Whetham for the photos.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cranbrook Will Have Its' All Candidates Forum

April 30, 2011 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Parkland Middle School (Auditorium) 1115 2nd Avenue South, Cranbrook BC

Hosted by the East Kootenay District Labour Council

Moderated by Mr. Cameron Bell

To date these candidates have accepted their invitations to the forum:-

Betty Aitchison, Liberal

Bill Green, Green

Mark Shmigelsky, NDP

What’s Happening…..

All week
Kathleen Turnbull Exhibit
Key City Theatre

Thursday April 21st
Free Line Dancing
With Karen Tripp
Laurie School Gym
Canadian Federation of University Women
invite you to stay for the business meeting afterwards

Thursday April 21st
College of the Rockies, Lecture Theatre
Award Winning Documentary
‘A Chemical Reaction’
Pesticide Free Lawn Care
Q and A after with Paul Tukey

April 22,23 and 25
Eagles Hall
12noon until 8:00pm

Friday April 22nd
Tim Ross at Ali Baba’s
Finnegan’s Wake

Saturday April 23rd
Trash to Treasure Day
See information to your right

Sunday April 24th
Easter Activities at Fort Steele
10:00am to 4:00pm
Admission by donation
Egg Hunts, Parade, crafts
Petting Zoo

Until April 30th
VisArts Annual Exhibition
Juried Local Art
Artrageous Galley
32A - 11 Ave S, across from the RCMP building
Info: 250-426-4223

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

President of the United Steelworkers To Speak in Cranbrook, April 21st

Leo Gerard, International President of the United Steelworkers is speaking in Cranbrook on Thursday, April 21 from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm at a luncheon at the Heritage Inn Club room.  The fee is $25.00 per person.  Please rsvp to Veronica at 250-426-4871.

Mr. Gerard is from Sudbury, Ontario.  He has many outstanding achievements and only a couple are mentioned here thanks to Wikipedia 

While USW Secretary-Treasurer he instituted a number of important administrative, cost-saving and revenue-generating initiatives and restructured member and local union servicing.  He returned to Laurentian University and received a bachelor’s degree in economics and politics.  The university awarded him an honorary Doctor of Laws degree in 1994. 

He has adopted a global perspective on unionization. In 2002 Mr. Gerard chaired the Second World Rubber Industries Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  He is a member of two federal government commissions, the U.S.-China China Economic and Security Review Commission and the National Commission on Energy Policy.  He is a founding board member of the Apollo Alliance, a non-profit public policy initiative for creating good jobs in pursuit of energy independence.

This promises to be an interesting and powerful session.

City Council Meeting Notes from April 18, 2011

On the matter of Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure correspondence received, it appears that the matter of public transit is a costly item that many municipalities are dealing with province wide.    A suggestion was made to go to the Minister along with other UBCM members to raise concerns.

The Urban Deer Management Advisory Committee Sub-Committee – Deer Cull Strategy Report was received by Council.  Carmen Purdy responded to questions and noted that the Mule deer are considered the night shift, or problem deer, and the Whitetail deer are considered the day shift deer.  It seems that the focus of the cull will be on the Mule deer (problem deer) that are in certain areas of the city.  Councilor Whetham added that this is only one part of a five part strategy in dealing with the deer, and that it will be an ongoing process including monitoring.

The Engineering department submitted the Proposed 2011 Capital Paving/Infrastructure Improvements Program to Council.  Priority #1 roads are estimated to cost $2.3M.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Advance Notes for the Council Meeting of Monday April 18th

Sam Steele Sweethearts

Council Enquiries

Administration Updates

The full update can be read at:

· Of note is the new method by which Engineering will retain general engineering consulting services.

· Building permit Summary First Quarter 2011. Value is up, starts are down.

· Library Services - Library will be closed from Friday April 22nd to Monday April 25th

15 items which can be viewed beginning at:

Committee Recommendations

1. Deer Cull Strategy Report

2. Cranbrook in Motion Recommendations

New Business

1. Water Conservation Education Strategy

2. Report Recommendation for Fa├žade Renovations Permit for 17, 10th Av.S

3. Report Recommendation Capital Paving Infrastructure Improvements Program

4. Report Recommendation re Audited 2010 Consolidated Financial Statements


Bylaw 3720 second reading Fink St. rezoning

Bylaw 3721 first and second reading Fink St. rezoning

Mayor and Councillor Reports and Requests

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Careful Footsteps

Spring is happening and the many precious wildflowers that rejoin the landscape every year are here.  A footstep or two does not destroy these native plants that make our area so valued by the world but all terrain vehicles rip up the roots and destroy them.  Some of the first plants to flower, inhabit the lower elevations in the open grasslands which are popular with cyclists and 'ATV ers'.  Let's hope with more awareness, users of these areas will stay on the trails.  When passing by at speed, these fragile beauties too often go unnoticed by many.

All these flowers were out and about this last week.

Yellow Bells, Fritillaria

Pasque Flower, Prairie Crocus

Sagebrush Buttercups, Ranunculus

Safe Lawns - Please Come

On behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society, Wildsight and the Pesticide Free Columbia Basin network, I am pleased to invite you to join us and special guest Paul Tukey, author of The Organic Lawn Care Manual and Executive Producer of the award-winning documentary A Chemical Reaction on his tour of the East Kootenay. Further details about events happening in your community are listed below.
Paul Tukey, of   is the author of the Organic Lawn Care Manual and is the Executive Producer of the award winning documentary A Chemical Reaction. Winner of the prestigious Horticultural Communicator of the Year Award from the American Horticultural Society, Mr. Tukey makes upwards of 100-120 appearances a year across North America. Lauded for his ability to turn a mundane subject — lawn care — into a rousing public discourse, he has been featured in thousands of media outlets from Good Morning America in the U.S., to the CBC in Canada, as well as National Geographic, Readers Digest and the New York Times, which called him “The godfather of the natural lawn care movement.”

Monday April 18 in the Elk Valley

At 3:00 pm in Fernie join a public workshop with organic lawn care expert Paul Tukey on how to have a healthy and pesticide-free lawn and at the Fernie Aquatic Centre in the multi-purpose room. This workshop will provide you with tips, strategies, resources and tools as we learn together about how we can have beautiful, and healthy, lawns and gardens while protecting ourselves from the health and environmental risks of non-essential pesticides.

At 7:00 pm, ‘A Chemical Reaction’ community film screening will be held at the Sparwood Curling Club Lounge. Admission by donation. Film to be followed by a discussion and Q&A with Paul Tukey.

Tuesday April 19 in the Columbia Valley

1:00 pm – in Golden, join a public workshop at the Kicking Horse River Lodge with organic lawn care expert Paul Tukey on how to have a healthy and pesticide-free lawn and garden. This workshop will provide you with tips, strategies, resources and tools as we learn together about how we can have beautiful, and healthy, lawns and gardens while protecting ourselves from the health and environmental risks of non-essential pesticides.

At 6:30 pm, join the Invermere Lawn & Garden Kick-Off at the Lions Hall at the Crossroads where 'A Chemical Reaction' film screening will be followed by a discussion and Q&A with Paul Tukey. Admission by donation.

Wednesday April 20 in Kimberley
 At Centre 64 in Kimberley, join the Lawn & Garden Hoe Down where Paul Tukey will be providing a series of How To Lawn and Garden workshops offered at 2:30 pm, 4:30 pm and 7:00 pm. This event will include simultaneous community screenings of A Chemical Reaction at these times. Join us for a workshop, the film or both! Please note for the Kimberley Lawn and Garden Hoe Down you do need to pre-register for the workshop time of your choice. Please register by providing your name and phone number to or to 250 427-2535. For more information:

Thursday April 21 in Cranbrook
At 7:00 pm at the College of the Rockies Lecture Theatre, join us for a community screening of the award-winning documentary ‘A Chemical Reaction’ followed by a discussion and Q&A with special guest Paul Tukey. Admission by donation.

You may wish to watch some of these videos:

For more information:
Patti Moore
Health Promotion Coordinator
Canadian Cancer Society, Southern Interior Region
Tel: (250)-426-8916 Fax: (250)-426-3947
Toll-Free: 1-800-656-6426

Saturday, April 16, 2011

'Tis the Season for Grant Giving

Anyone who volunteers with any sort of organisation knows fundraising is the hardest part of any project.  If it was not for Community Foundations, Businesses, Corporations, Service Clubs generous individuals etc. many projects would never get off the ground.  In our area the Columbia Basin Trust is one of the greatest benfactors to many projects.  The East Kootenay Credit Union just awarded their Community Grant to the Community Theatre for a great chair lift project which will make their productions and other entertainment that happens in The Studio Stage Door Theatre more accessible to those who cannot manage the stairs.

Another grant source that announced their recent recipients is the Real Estate Foundation of BC  Looking through the list of recipients over the last few years it appears Cranbrook could take advantage of this source for a worthy project.

Volunteer Week was celebrated this last week and this post is to thank all those hard working individuals who write the grant applications, those who make the difficult decisions as to who should be awarded and those who make the funds available.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mt. Baker Trashion Fashion Show Spectacular

April 14th at the Tamarack Mall turned a shopping trip into a sensational showing of fashion created by Mt. Baker students out of products that were given a second life.  Joseph's attention was captured and called me over to watch the show.  "They are so creative!"  "Look at this one!" He kept saying, obviously impressed.

Following the show people were gathered around talking and wanting to meet the people who created all this recycled wearable art and I was one of them.  Mikayla (sp?) Walker.  When asked where she got the inspiration for the dress, Mikayla said that her mother and her were surfing the internet and saw a tie train (as in the bottom flowing part of a gown) that was part of a dress.  So Mikayla drew her own design including the flowers and set about going to thrift/second hand stores to get the 94 ties for this dress that cost a whopping $16.  Mikayla did all the sewing with some help from her mother in tricky areas.  She definitely has a potential future career in fashion design.  Mikayla says that the experience of doing this show was a lot of fun, especially seeing all the creativity.  This is the first year for this event by Mt. Baker students and it certainly has the potential for a yearly event.

To view the You Tube video go here:

Mikayla Walker's recycled tie dress

Submitted by Sharon Cross with pictures and video by Joseph Cross

What’s Happening….

Thursday April 14th
Rythmn and Word
Local writers, singers and songwriters
ManWoman, Heather Gemmell, Pete Durning
At Artrageous Gallery
7 –9:00pm
Free event in celebration of National Poetry Month

Friday April 15th
Through April 22, 29, and May 6th
Watercolour Workshop
Littlemac Art Studio
For more information

Friday April 15th
Rocky Mountain Naturalists
Australia Slideshow
With Corinne De Zoete and John Przeczek
Superstore Community Room
For more information

Friday April 15th
Cranbrook RecPlex
250-426-SEAT or 1-866-580-7328

Friday April 15th
Saltwater Cowboys at Ali Baba’s
Finnegan’s Pub

Saturday April 16th
Cranbrook Library Garage Sale

Saturday April 16th
Dance 7:00pm
Cranbrook Senior’s Hall
426-3844 426-2655

Saturday April 16th
The Kinnette Club of Cranbrook presents
An Evening of Elegance
Prestige Rocky Mountain Resort

Saturday April 16th
Final Locals Coffee House
Studio Stage Door 7:30pm
Tickets $7 at Lotus Books and Swing Street Coffee House

Monday April 18th
Exhibition, Key City Theatre
Kathleen Turnbull
Meet the artist at 5:00pm

Monday April 18th
United Way AGM
Heritage Inn

Tuesday April 19th
Circus Terrifico
Key City Theatre 7:30pm

Thursday April 21st
Paul Tukey
A Chemical Reaction
Pesticide Free Lawn Care

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who Knew?! There is a Hard Copy of the Growth Management Strategy in our Public Library

We know from our statistics that many people exit this blog on the link to the Growth Management Study but little did we know there was a copy for people to read in the Public Library.  We are truly sorry if we missed any public notification of this but we are now asking readers to please let any friends or relatives know that if they do not have access to a computer, a copy is available in the reference section of the library. Ref. no. 307.3.   By the pristine condition of this copy it doesn't appear to have left the shelf much since last October when it was accessioned.  Reading the hard copy of this report is much easier than scrolling through the web version.  The maps alone make for a much clearer understanding. 
There is also a copy available at the front counter of City Hall.

It's good to know there are alternatives for reading this report which has many implications for the growth and development of Cranbrook.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dr. Greg Halseth at College of the Rockies

Barb O'Neil introduces Dr. Greg Halseth
‘Rebundling our assets,’ was one topic that Dr. Halseth talked about in his lecture on The New Rural Economies last evening at the College of the Rockies. A good crowd of people concerned and interested in exploring different ways to secure a local economy came out to hear Dr. Halseth. His lecture presented an overview of British Columbia’s economy from a historical perspective and also looked into the increasing speed of change, how it might affect the future and what to do about it.

The ideas presented in this lecture certainly mesh well with the goals of Cranbrook Connected. Dr. Halseth talked about how important it is to know what a community considers its assets to be and also to know its place in the world. It is also important to know what the aspirations of a community are. Knowing and rebundling these assets in creative ways to compete gives one avenue to pursue when stabilizing a local economy and aiming for those aspirations.

Dr. Greg Halseth
Another major theme of this lecture was the need for a strong foundation within a community, i.e. infrastructure. Current taxation systems and development cost charges are not enough to support current infrastructure needs. Dr. Halseth went on to say how municipal tax structure must change. Cranbrook is certainly not unique in this problem, which is consoling in some ways but leaves us with the question of how must this happen and when, if our infrastructure is to be brought up to standard.

More information from the Community Development Institute can be found at :

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cranbrook and District Chamber of Commerce Publish Their President’s Report in Wednesday's, April 6 Townsman.

Mr. Sean Campbell writes, “At last City Council meeting Councillor Davis commented on the vitriolic and personal attacks that our municipal leaders occasionally receive by mail”. This is a disturbing statement that requires substantiation. It is rather sad to see community leaders feeling and fearing some form of persecution. The supporting information Mr. Campbell provides is an angry rant by ‘Anachore’ sent to the Townsman website. Unfortunately, by reprinting it Mr. Campbell provides more attention and press than this comment and its’ author deserves.

Mr. Campbell is misinformed when he states that CLCS made an assumption two letters, (from CLCS and Jenny Humphrey) published on this blog, were the target of Councilor Davis’ disapproving comments.  Mr. Davis’s comments were indeed directed at these two letters plus two others (from Gene McDonald and the Arts Council) in response to the Five Year Financial Plan.  Mr. Davis quoted from them, at the council meeting. Further, we confirmed that fact with Mr. Davis right after the meeting although he was unable to show us the specific disrespectful comments he felt were directed at him or Council.

We appreciate that Mr. Campbell stated that the letters he reviewed were well written and respectful. It is important to read all public correspondence before making statements based on a single web comment or on hearsay. All council correspondence is included in council packages and is available through the City. We have read all four letters providing comment on the city’s five-year financial plan and all are respectful.

We certainly agree with Mr. Campbell in his concern over comments such as the one he quotes and agree our community would be a much less pleasant place to be without the support and volunteerism from the business community. Let us also remember volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and all walks of life and they all need to be valued and respected for the work they do to make Cranbrook a better place to live.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Around Town and Looking Good

Many adults and children took a tour around our beautiful, light and spacious new firehall on Saturday. History books, safety equipment, informative displays, fire engines and even Santa's Sleigh all made for a very interesting and enjoyable visit - as did all the congenial tour guides!
Cranbrook's new Firehall had its' Open House on Saturday April 9th

Kitchen, lounge and extra technical/dispatch room

Scattered throughtout the building are many quotes suggested by the firefighters.

Pius Fink, Cranbrook's first Fire Chief 1908.

Many photos of Cranbrook's fire department personel are displayed in the entrance.

Wayne Price, Cranbrook's current Fire Chief (with his own unofficial firedog? 'Manny')

Spring is trying - very trying

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Climate Smart Business Initiative

Climate Smart is a social enterprise based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  They were originally launched as a program of Ecotrust Canada, an enterprising nonprofit dedicated to building the conservation economy.
Climate Smart empowers and enables organizations to reduce their emissions, strengthen their businesses, and build a resilient economy

How does it work?

Partnership example .........

Friday, April 09, 2010
NORTH VANCOUVER - The City of North Vancouver is partnering in the launch of a new climate action initiative to assist the business community with energy conservation.

Climate Smart is a new pilot program that provides support to local businesses to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and improve their financial bottom line. The program provides tools, training and technical support to develop corporate strategies for reducing their carbon footprint.

The City, along with the Districts of North and West Vancouver, the two local Chambers of Commerce, are partnering with Climate Smart to deliver the pilot program and engage the business community in sustainable corporate practices. This unique partnership enables local businesses to enroll in the Climate Smart program at a reduced cost of $500 per company.

“The City of North Vancouver has made climate action a priority, successfully implementing several significant initiatives, with many more underway. Climate Smart is an ideal fit for the City,” says Mayor Darrell Mussatto. “The City is proud to partner with Climate Smart as it reaches out to local businesses through important climate change education and tools tailored specifically to this influential sector.”

Climate Smart is an innovative program that takes businesses through the steps of measuring and reducing their corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, while cutting their energy and material costs. The program offers three half-day training sessions that take place between April and June. Each interactive workshop features speakers from businesses that have developed a GHG management strategy. Participation in the Climate Smart program also includes one-on-one technical assistance, access to a web-based GHG management tool, and strategies for marketing and communicating a company’s commitment and successes in energy conservation.

The City invites North Shore businesses to attend a complimentary evening reception and Climate Smart launch event on Thursday, April 8th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the Park Royal branch of the North Shore Credit Union. Mayor Mussatto will be in attendance. For more information about the Climate Smart program, visit

The City recognizes that to build a sustainable community, there must be collaboration and action among all members of the community. In 2005, the City became one of the first Canadian municipalities to develop a Greenhouse Gas Local Action Plan, which set targets for GHG reduction and identifies opportunities for the City to use energy more efficiently. Several climate action programs are already underway in the City. Climate Smart represents the first program designed for the business community. For more information about the City’s climate action initiatives, visit
Climate Smart
380-163 West Hastings St
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1H5
Tel: (604) CLIMATE (604-254-6283) or
Fax: (604) 254-6282
Carbon Hotline
604-254-6283 x226 or
1-888-688-6283 x226 (toll-free)

Friday, April 8, 2011

What’s Happening…

Thursday April 7 – April 30
Artrageous Gallery, 11th Ave
VisArts 2011

Friday April 8th
Slam Poetry Workshop
With Barbara Adler
7 – 9:00pm
Manual Training Centre
Cranbrook Library
Free for teens, $3 for adults.
Register by email to: with ‘slam’ in the subject line or

Friday April 8th
Ali Baba’s
Jason, Judy and Bill Cleland and Sara Salanski
Finnegan’s Wake Pub

Saturday April 9th
Getting to Know Classical Music
Dvorak’s Cello Concerto
Preparation for the Symphony Concert
Manual Training Centre
3 – 4:30pm

Saturday April 9th
GOGO Grannies Garage and Bake Sale
11 – 3:00pm at 710, 12th Avenue South
Proceeds to Stephen Lewis Foundation

Saturday April 9th
Anglican Church Garage Sale
Anglican Church on 13th Av.

Saturday April 9th
Ducks Unlimited Fundraiser
Heritage Inn

A Dvorak Celebration
Symphony of the Kootenays
Key City Theatre
Tickets at Key City Theatre

Sunday April 10th
Rocky Mountain Naturalists
Jaffray Jaunt
Meet at Staples parking lot at 12 noon

Sunday April 10
Meeting of the East Kootenay Historical Society
12 noon
Heritage Inn

Sunday April 10th
Bigfoot Pasta Run
Registration at Community Living Centre
At 2:45pm
Pasta dinner to follow

Sunday April 10th
Tribute to The Rolling Stones
Key City Theatre

Monday April 11th
The Next Rural Economics
Dr. Greg Halseth
7:00pm COR Lecture Theatre

Tuesday April 12th
The Majesty of Everest and the Magic of Bali
Patricia and David Stock
COR lecture Theatre
Admission by donation
Proceeds to Canadian Friends of Nepal

Tuesday April 12, 19, 26
Watercolour Workshop
Littlemac Art Studio

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Award Highlights Small Business-Friendly Communities

March 29, 2011

Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation

New award highlights small business-friendly communities

VICTORIA – Local governments that go out of their way to champion the growth of small businesses will be celebrated with a new, annual provincewide award.

B.C.’s Small Business Roundtable, established in 2005, with a mandate to advise on issues, strategies and potential actions to support B.C. small businesses, will select an award winner within each economic region of the province.
Applications for the award will be evaluated based on the following achievements:

· Reducing regulatory barriers.

· Enhancing small business competitiveness.

· Recognizing small business’ contribution to their community.

· Supporting climate action initiatives, which benefit small business.

The small business sector is a key economic driver in B.C., employing more than a million people and providing nearly 57 per cent of all private-sector jobs in British Columbia. British Columbia was recently recognized by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business as Canada’s leader in regulatory reform, and now the focus is shifting to recognizing the efforts municipal governments make to reduce regulatory barriers and help small businesses thrive.

The submission deadline is Wednesday, June 15, 2011. Up to three finalists per region will be selected by August 2011. The awards will be announced in October during Small Business Month.

For the full News release:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rumour has it ..... Jack Layton, Mark Shmigelsky........

Jack Layton, Mark  Shmigelsky and teams will be at the Cranbrook Mission Hills Golf Course tonight (Wednesday April 6th) at 5:30 for questions, interaction  and hamburgers!  Here is a chance to do some first hand political shopping in your own neighbourhood.

Kelowna First to Set New Landscape Water Use Standards

This is the City of Kelowna's news release from from March 29th.

The City of Kelowna is implementing smart landscaping practices. The new landscaping standards will help to reduce water consumption across the city and reduce residential landscaping water consumption by a further 15 per cent.

"These landscaping and design regulations are consistent with industry best practices, making Kelowna the first city in BC to set this level of landscape water usage standards," say Don Degen, Manager Utility Services. "The process will help property owners learn how to attractively landscape their yards while conserving water." Under the new bylaw, property owners building new homes or renovating existing outdoor landscape irrigation systems will be required to apply for a City permit prior to installing or renovating their irrigation system. Property owners with irrigation systems less than 100 sq. metres would be exempt from this requirement.

"We recognize that the permit process may be new for some and property owners may need assistance with designing their spaces," says Neal Klassen, Water Smart Coordinator. "A great place to start is the landscape guide. The guide provides information on smart irrigation and identifies why we need to reduce landscape water use."

Property owners will be required to apply to the City for a permit and submit a landscape water conservation report under the proposed changes. Worksheets have been developed to assist property owners and will be available on the City's website.

City Council introduced and proposed bylaw changes at the March 28 meeting. Council will consider final adoption at their next regular meeting with the target roll-out date being mid-April.

The Landscape and Irrigation guide is available at

and let's hope Cranbrook doesn't have too many Gizmos like this one!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Post Notes from the Council Meeting of April 4th

Public Hearing regarding a zoning amendment on Kootenay St. received one concern regarding sufficient parking. Administration appeared confident enough parking for two vehicles for each duplex will be provided.


Rails to Trails – this delegation was postponed.

Administration Updates

Mention was made of the Greg Halseth Lecture April 11th COR lecture Theatre 7:00pm
This lecture will be of interest to all concerned with Cranbrook’s economic future.

Leisure Services – many events have taken place over the last month including the BC Figure Skating Championships.

The City of Cranbrook Aquatic Centre has received several awards. Details in the Administration report at

Water Advisory for Cranbrook has been lifted.

Most exciting was the introduction of the Slaterville Neighbourhood Plan. Councillor Whetham has been pushing for this plan to get on the table after meeting with Slaterville residents. The first viewing will be at the Manual Training Centre on Wednesday April 27th.  As this item was a late addition to the agenda it was not included in the Administration Updates.

Committee Recommendations

The Urban Deer Management Committee has been required to strike a sub-committee to focus purely on the strategy for a city deer cull. It appears Ministry requirements have made this issue more complicated than it was hoped for.

New Business

- Low Flush Toilet rebates will continue.

- Report recommendation regarding development variance Permit at Shadow Mountain was accepted. This will place buildings closer to the road frontage, further from the river.

- A Baker Hill development permit was given for an accessory building.

- Report recommendation regarding Fire and Emergency Dispatch was accepted.


Five Year Financial Plan was adopted.

Mayor Manjak congratulated council and staff on keeping the tax increase minimal but said, ”We know right now we are going to have an interesting challenge in 2012.”  If that is the case, could some of next year's burden have been brought forward?

Zoning application for 916 23A Av N was adopted.

Zoning Application for Fink St was given first reading.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Advance City Council Meeting Notes for April 4th


Rob McIntyre of the Rails 2 Trails Advisory Committee will be making a presentation to speak about the decision of the Committee to review the benefits of R2Ts being designated part of the Trans Canada Trail.
As well, the R2T Committee will be becoming a Society in May and is looking for local citizens who would be interested in being Directors. Additionally the Committee has developed a trail sponsorship program, which will seek monies to maintain the trail as well as purchase benches and picnic tables.

R2T has been a huge success and we certainly wish this to continue for the new R2T Society.

Administration Updates

Greg Halseth will be speaking at the College of the Rockies on April 11. 7PM. Mr. Halseth is a Professor of Geography at the UNBC. His lecture will be "Keys to Successful Community Development."  This is a Citizens for a Livable Cranbrook sponsored event.

Pitch in Week April 18-24
Promotes community clean up of school yards, city parks, Joseph Creek. Please contact leisure services if you have a group who wants to participate.

Correspondence 9.1 - 9.11

9.2 Letter from Jenny Humphrey thanking the City of Cranbrook for their support of Citizens for a Livable Cranbrook sponsored event, Trash 2 Treasure. To read more about Trash 2 Treasure continue reading the Cranbrook Guardian.

9.4 Letter from Mayor Scott Manjak responding to the Cranbrook and District Arts Councils letter expressing their concern over funding for Arts and Culture.

9.6 Letter from Mayor Scott Manjak responding to a letter from Sharon Cross, President of Citizens for a Livable Cranbrook who expressed concerns about the lack of public impute in the budget decision making process.

As usual any concerns expressed by citizens of this community are swept aside by a Mayor and Council who seem unable to accept any critique of their decisions.  We wish we could find a better way for consultation as this kind of finite communication does not solve problems.

9.11 Proclamation
National Volunteer Week April10 - 16, 2011

Committee Recommendations

Request by the Urban Deer Management Advisory Committee to develop a subcommittee
to draft an Urban Deer Cull strategy.

New Business

12.1 To provide information to citizens regarding the 2011 Low Flow Toilet Rebate Program.

12.2 Developer's Variance. Shadow Mountain and Focus are asking the city for a variance to decrease the required front yard setback from 6 to 3 metres specifically for strata lots 4 to 29 which back onto the St. Mary's River.

Five year Financial Plan (adopt)
Zoning Amendment 3719 (adopt) - this concerns rezoning for low density residential development at 916, 23A Av. N
Official Community Plan 3720 (first reading) - this concerns an application for a zoning change from light industrial to residential on Fink Street

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ignoring Snow

Centennial Garden, Cranbrook April 4 2007

and underneath the snow are the Sagebrush Buttercups which are out on dry hillsides around Cranbrook

Sagebrush Buttercups, Community Forest ,March 30th 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cranbrook Issued Water Quality Advisory

This should not come as a surprise to those who have read Cranbrook's $500000.00 Growth Management Study.  Of more importance is how this issue will be addressed.  It is just another infrastructure problem which needs attention.  The total sum of money needed to bring our infrastructure up to speed is large to say the least.

In the Volume 4: Water Supply and Distribution Planning document on page 23 Stantec states the following:

"The City of Cranbrook's water treatment does not fully comply with the Interior Health Authority (IHA)'s 4-3-2-1-0 drinking water objective performance targets."

The study then goes on to state:

"Chlorine has limited effectiveness against Giardia and is ineffective against Cryptosporidium. Both Giardia and Cryptosporidium parasites with potential for severe implications for the elderly, the young or those residents with weaker or compromised immune systems. Given the City's current method of treatment, these parasites cannot be effectively removed from the surface water supply. This is likely evidenced by the gastrointestinal disease outbreak which was experienced by the City in 1996."

The Study also concluded that :

"95% of the time the City's settled water turbidity is less or equal to 1.3 NTU. In order to meet the 1 NTU guideline, additional filtration treatment of surface water is required."

Also are the troubling comments such as:

"Although no evidence of E.Coli was measured in 2007-2008, there were several positive indications of fecal coliforms. In order to eliminate the occurrence of E.Coli and Fecal Coliforms in the City's potable water, additional treatment is required via filtration or UV disinfection."

The Study's final recommendation FOR THIS PART of the Volume 4 Document, is summed up as follows:

"It is recommended that an additional treatment process (e.g. filtration or UV disinfection or both) be implemented at the existing Phillips Reservoir Treatment Facility to reduce the risk of illness due to Giardia, Cryptosporidium and other pathogens and bacteria present in the source waters. The existing monitoring of raw water samples for these protozoa along with other water quality parameters should be maintained."

Go to the City's website for the full water advisory:

This link provides information on turbidity:

Other information about the Growth Management Study can be found to the right hand side of this post under 'Popular Posts'.

For the entire Growth Management Study: target=

Ucluelet Plugs Into Electric Vehicles

Last weekend we posted a video of an electric car drag racing.  We posted it partly for fun and partly because it demonstrated a possibility.  We can't help but gain a little more optimism when possibilities become realities.
From:  comes this article:

Not sure if a 'cute' utility vehicle would work in our winters but.....
Thursday, February 17, 2011

UCLUELET - The District of Ucluelet has purchased two new electric trucks to help reduce their carbon footprint. Ucluelet joins many other BC communities who are moving towards using clean electric vehicles to replace fuel burning fleet vehicles which emit, on average, 4.37 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Community of Ucluelet Mayor, Eric Russcher, based his decision to purchase the electric utility trucks on the fact that they are “Economically viable, environmentally friendly, reduces our carbon footprint, efficient and to top it off they are cute. We have found a true win-win situation.”

The Might-E Trucks Ucluelet purchased are manufactured on Vancouver Island by Canadian Electric Vehicles (CEV) who has been supplying electric solutions to municipalities, governments and businesses around the world for the last 21 years. CEV owner Randy Holmquist says, "It is only the last two or three years that we have seen growth in our Canadian sales but it's a significant increase this year. As communities struggle to reduce their green house gas emissions they are realizing the benefits of replacing dirty fuel burning trucks with clean electric ones" Holmquist is pleased that communities like Ucluelet choose to purchase from a local Canadian company – something which is good for the Vancouver Island economy and good for the Canadian economy.

About Might-E Truck

The Might-E Truck is a custom built, electric powered, utility vehicle manufactured from the ground up using North American automotive parts at the CEV plant in Errington, British Columbia. The Might-E Truck is road legal under Transport Canada regulations for Low Speed Electric Vehicles and travels at a top speed of 40km/hr. With a driving range of up to 90km these electric trucks work well as downtown maintenance trucks or in specialized applications such as local garbage pickup and grounds keeping.

The Might-E Truck has a GVWR of 1355 kg, is capable of carrying a payload of 680 kg and has a towing capacity of 1800 kg. This along with a record of great performance on paved and gravel roads with an option of turf tires for grass and dirt terrain makes Might-E Truck a versatile electric vehicle in operation at campuses, parks, resorts, municipalities and industries.

Designed for low maintenance cost, the zero emission Might-E Truck outperforms combustion vehicles both financially and mechanically.

About Canadian Electric Vehicles

Canadian Electric Vehicles (CEV) has been designing and manufacturing electric vehicles and electric vehicle components for over 20 years. With world-wide sales CEV is a successful global business. Vehicles in service range in size from three ton aircraft refueling and LAV trucks to the Might-E Tug, an electric towing unit which tows a variety of carts and equipment weighing up to 10,000 pounds. The latest innovation, the Might-E Drive, is a drop in system to convert fleet trucks (for example the Ford Ranger) to electric. The primary CEV product is the Might-E Truck, a zero emission custom heavy duty electric utility vehicle.

Additional information is available at:

Photo, Julia Prinselaar, Westerly News