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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Water Water Everywhere

Elizabeth Lake flooding issues are unresolved with most concern from observers focusing on a culvert which flows under the highway.  If this is the problem, it likely would be the responsibility of Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.  While the City pumps away to alleviate the problems, many are wondering when something can be done.

Additional lay observations:  The culvert which underpasses Wattsville now seems to be the focus of the problems and how many levels of government, and or organisations would be involved in the fix is unknown. It is also unknown how long this problem will take to be solved.

Many are understandably perplexed and concerned, those who must listen to the noise of the pumps, the many walkers who miss the park and those who own property and businesses which are affected.

We look forward to an informational bulletin from the City.
It is too bad that some drivers would choose to go into the parking lot.

No problem for these residents however.

Photos - courtesy Stewart Wilson.

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