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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Stop Being Scared, You Live In The Safest Time In Human History

Stop Being Scared, You Live In The Safest Time In Human History

An article to read, a video to watch - both will reassure you if you choose to be reassured.

Q: What about during elections?
A: There can be political benefits to scaring people. Whereas there doesn't seem to be the same benefit in saying "everything is OK, don't worry about it."
Q: What is the negative impact of this unfounded fear?
A: Although threats are less than they used to be, I think they could be less still. I do not see how invading Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, or the bombing in Libya have done Canadians the slightest bit of good. So we've spent billions of dollars and we probably made ourselves less safe. It's very hard to prove this stuff and there are many, many, many factors which cause domestic terrorism but the shooting in Ottawa, he made it very clear that this was related to the bombing of Iraq.
And by giving increased power to the security services, we restrict our liberty.

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