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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Reaction to leaders debate on the economy: John Ivison

One response to the Economy Debate held Sept 17th

It’s a unanimous decision — or it should be. Tom Mulcair, the NDP leader, won Thursday’s election debate rumble on points. There was no knock out blow but across a range of measures, Mulcair bossed the debate. Here’s a breakdown of how he scored:
Thomas Mulcair bashed both his rivals all evening. “Mr. Harper put all his eggs in one basket and then dropped the basket,” he said of the Conservative government’s handling of the economy.
He pointed out that Trudeau’s first vote in the House of Commons was for Conservatives’ corporate tax “giveaway.”
“Jack Layton and I fought that every single step of the way.”
He said that one of Trudeau’s last votes in the House was to support the Conservative Party’s anti-terror legislation, “which seriously compromises the rights and freedoms of Canadians.”
He boxed the Liberal leader’s ears over his comments where he called small business owners tax cheats. “I find that offensive,” Mulcair said.
Trudeau tried to land blows on Harper over the refugee crisis but it was Mulcair who drew blood when he responded to the Conservative leader’s accusation that the Liberals and NDP would open Canada’s borders to “hundreds of thousands” of refugees, with no regard to security. “That is undignified – Mr. Harper is fearmongering on the backs of people who need help most,” he chided.

To read the entire article from John Ivison on The National Post go to the link above.

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