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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Restoration begins on the Little Brick Building

Karl Schmideder skilled mason
 begins the work of reconstructing the corner
of the unique old electrical building
 behind City Hall.
The work of restoration has begun and we are lucky to have in Cranbrook, a skilled mason able to carry out the work.

This unique building became a lightning rod  a few years ago for those concerned about the dwindling number of remaining  heritage buildings in Cranbrook.  Thanks to a group of volunteers, this building will live to see another day and provide added character and use to Cranbrook's small heritage corner of downtown. The final use has not been determined and will be at the will of Council but maybe those valued antique fire trucks might be displayed there or maybe the popular Cranbrook Summer Sounds and Farmer's Market might be able to store chairs and necessities there.

There is still, luckily, a store of old Cranbrook bricks available for the restoration process and many will watch with interest as this old electrical building, one that is linked to both City Hall and The Fire Hall beside it, becomes worthy again.

We thank all those dedicated volunteers who have put much time and energy into preserving this piece of Cranbrook's history.  The story of how it came to be built, the service it provided, the people who worked within it and its importance to both City Hall and the Fire Hall will be valued by many.

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