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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Eat What You Please

Forget Forbidden Food, Eat What You Please

That's Dr. John Sloan's prescription in his new book examining 'bad diet science' and the wellness craze.
By John Sloan, Yesterday,

Today, nearly everybody believes the benefits of healthy eating are as sure a thing as tomorrow morning. This idea has had a devastating impact in the world since it first appeared almost 100 years ago. But in the past 30, and particularly the past 10 years, it's as if a shock wave of health-related food preference and consumption has hit the $3.2-trillion worldwide food industry. The dollar and human cost of the changes in choice and value of primary products, processing and production, product development and marketing, and retail presentation are almost incalculable.
This book describes why we believe in what is presented as "scientific," how we got to misunderstand the terrible significance of eating, and how ideas (once they get rolling) reinforce themselves. It examines where we've gone wrong in thinking about diet, and suggests a way back to being reasonable about it. If you accept my idea that the benefits of healthy eating don't amount to what most people believe today, I think your life may change wonderfully. But you won't find in this book new or reinterpreted rules about what to eat and not to eat.

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