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Friday, August 17, 2012

How Other Cities Handle Their History

Our post on the heritage status of Central School has flushed out some interesting comments.  A simple Google search will quickly indicate how other cities handle their buildings with historical value.  Below are two samples.  It would seem there is not much to be afraid of by designating and publicly recognising a building as heritage.  In fact it should be an honour.  We need to ask ourselves how it must look to those who might consider living here if that value is not recognised.

Municipal Heritage Properties are recognized as being of major significance to the history of our community.  The buildings represent almost every time period in Saskatoon’s history. 

The Heritage Conservation Program provides for financial incentives to owners of municipal heritage property for costs related to restoration of architectural elements of the building. 

The City of Kelowna values, respects and celebrates our built, cultural and natural heritage as a major contributor to our community's identity, character and sense of place. 

The Official Community Plan and the Heritage Procedures Bylaw No. 7776 set out the City's heritage management regulations for development. 

Council has appointed a statutory committee, the 
Community Heritage Committee, to advise on heritage matters in the City.

The City also annually allocates funds to the Kelowna Heritage Grants Program, which is a registered society that provides grants to homeowners for heritage restoration and education/awareness projects.  To view the grant guidelines and application form, see the
Heritage Grants Program package.

and this link was sent to us by a reader.

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