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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

When it comes to taking action on climate change, some cities are among the unsung heroes.

When it comes to taking action on climate change, cities are among the unsung heroes. Our analysis reveals that many cities are helping to lead the low-carbon transition by utilizing renewable energy.

Currently, over 50 leading cities disclosing to CDP are sourcing at least three-quarters of their energy from non-fossil fuel sources. And several have targets to source 100% of their electricity or energy from renewable sources, including Copenhagen and Stockholm. Some have already got there, such as Boulder, USA who celebrated achieving their ambitious target of 100% renewable electricity last year.

How does your city fare? (Cranbrook not included)The chart below shows city’s renewable electricity and energy targets against their target year. Use the filters to focus on a city, country, region, electricity or energy targets, and scale (local government operations only or community-wide). 

Please go to the link above to read the charts provided.

With the energy market, major businesses and investors shifting ever-more towards renewable energy, what trends can we expect to see on the city-level in 2016?

Cities are now invited to share their energy data, and much more, through CDP’s global disclosure platform. Reporting to CDP helps cities to identify opportunities resulting from climate change, provides detailed analytics, enables city-to-city learning and increases cities’ global visibility.

Cities can also disclose to the Compact of Mayors through CDP and join the 450+ cities that have committed to taking climate action.

Curious to know more? Contact us at to find out how your city can benefit from taking part in CDP’s cities program.

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