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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

East Hill Zoning Referral

March 26, 20016

Re:  East Hill Zoning Referral

For clarification, Council discussions on the East Hill zoning referral reported in the Thursday, March 24 Townsman are correct in saying that RR-60 zoning designation on the property would not be changed. However, adding “solar energy facility” to the list of permitted uses for that zone would allow a utility scale “solar energy facility” to be constructed over some or all of the 6,600 acre property. To suggest that Cranbrook resident’s interests would not be affected by such a potentially massive and visually intrusive development overlooking the east side of the City is misleading.  

This item will be discussed at the RDEK Planning Committee meeting on April 7th (meeting time to be posted Apr. 1 after 5PM on RDEK website -, in the RDEK Board Room.   The public are able to attend as an observer, in addition to the RDEK Board meeting on April 8th at 9 AM in the RDEK Board Room. 

Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Cross

Editorial Comment,

While it is doubtful anyone would question promotion of alternative energy, carte blanche to situate it anywhere on on a large track of forested property within a huge view scape of a city proud of its vistas, would seem curious.  There are within the surrounding area, closed waste facilities, which are very limited in permissible uses and which might be much more suited to such a valuable facility.  Is this application really about a solar energy facility, when no details are provided and why would our municipal council have no problem giving such broad approval to the RDEK by indicating Cranbrook would not be affected?

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