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Thursday, March 17, 2016

It's the Dogs' Lucky Day Too; Cranbrook Dog Park Nears Completion

Gate installation 
It may be St Patrick's Day but luck is with Cranbrook's canine population as well, for the long awaited Dog Park is almost complete.  Planning for the park began several councils ago after the demand was realized.  After much to and fro over the best location and discussion on various committees, the plan to utilize the central site of the old Muriel Baxter School was accepted by both School Board and Council.

Not only is the site centrally located but it is easily accessible and alternate playing fields are close by in Kinsmen Park.

While initial work began last year, the park is now nearing completion. The School Board still owns the site but through a joint agreement for maintenance and tenure,  this project has been made possible.
area to left, large dog area which extends in an L shape

A secure fenced area that is safe for dogs and owners of all ages will be a welcome addition to Cranbrook amenities.  The park features shaded areas, in ground irrigation, a water supply, great parking and will be equipped with the essential doggie waste bags and disposal containers.

Janna Jacobson of JR and J Fencing, who owns dogs herself was busy watching over the installation of gates on Wednesday March 16th. Thanks to the expertise of people like Janna and the fencing expertise of JR and J Fencing,  Cranbrook will soon boast one of the biggest fenced dog parks around.

While all dogs will be welcome in the large area of the park, small dogs and their owners can feel safe in the small area designed just for them.  A separate entrance will mean no intimidating encounters at the door.  This space will provide a great place for socialization of both dogs and owners, knowing their pets are safe off leash.  All existing fencing will be dropped to ground level for security and extra fencing has been added to provide separate but connecting areas.

To see this project finally come to fruition is great news.


Area for small dogs

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