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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Why Canada Can Safely Meet Its Refugee Commitments, The Tyee

Why Canada Can Safely Meet Its Refugee Commitments

An immigration lawyer breaks down the security screening process.
By Laura Best, 18 Nov 2015,

Contrary to the influx of migrants crossing into Europe over the past months, Canada is resettling pre-screened refugees who have been approved for permanent residency by a Canadian visa officer abroad. The process is thorough and involves international and national law enforcement agencies.

Go to the link above to read the entire article and explanation of the process.

When evaluating security threats, Canadians would do well to look at the evidence. All of the identified attackers from Paris appear to be Belgian or French nationals, yet no politician has suggested increased screening of European visitors or immigrants to Canada. Studies out of the University of British Columbia, the University of Toronto and Harvard University link an increase in immigration to a decrease in crime.
Statistics Canada data suggests that the percentage of new immigrants in Toronto and Montreal neighbourhoods is inversely proportional to all types of violent crime.
Equating refugees with a security risk is ill-informed and inflammatory. Syrian refugees are fleeing the same brutality and cruelty that was inflicted on Parisians this past week. The commitment to resettle 25,000 refugees was a breath of fresh air after years of obfuscation and unconscionable government delays on this file. Violence against innocent civilians should strengthen our resolve to offer safe haven to war's victims, not delay it. 

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