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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cranbrook Violin Club one of the largest in North America

It is thanks to volunteers such as Kim Lutz that the arts flourish in Cranbrook.

Cranbrook Violin Club one of the largest in North America

The location of what could be the largest violin club in North America might come as a surprise to those who associate the classical instrument with big city orchestras.
The volunteer-run Cranbrook Violin Club in the southern Interior of B.C. draws in anywhere from 80 to 100 students a year.
"I guess my philosophy on charity or volunteerism is giving back where you make your living. I make my living teaching music. It's good to give back," said Kim Lutz, who started the Cranbrook Violin Club five years ago. 
"These are great kids. They are motivated kids and have a passion for learning music. And the energy flows both ways," he said.
They practice several times a week at the music room at Kootenay Orchards School and play at a variety of events from seniors centres to parade floats. 

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