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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Does BC have a Ghost Government?

Christy Clark Runs One Ghostly, Ghastly Government

Unlike Casper, the BC Liberal version, which makes email records invisible, is extremely scary.
By Bill Tieleman, Today, 

"A reformed and modernized system will make this ghost government more accountable to the public it serves." -- Kentucky auditor Adam Edelen, 2012

Premier Christy Clark is running her own ghost government in British Columbia -- and unlike Casper the Friendly Ghost, this BC Liberal version is extremely scary.
Clark's ghost government operates in the shadows, illegally triple deleting emails so no record remains anywhere, communicating verbally and on Post-It notes later destroyed -- all to keep the information that forms the vital public record invisible to media, the public and opposition parties.
Kentucky's ghost government was discovered by state auditor of local government Adam Edelen, who found in 2012 that $2.7 billion was being spent by over 1,200 special districts, with absolutely no legal, financial or organizational reporting to taxpayers.
Here at home it was Elizabeth Denham, B.C.'s independent information and privacy commissioner, who investigated and blew the whistle on Clark's ghostly government and its ghastly practices of flagrantly breaking freedom of information (FOI) laws.

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