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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's all about the beauty

In the lobby of the Key City Theatre on Tuesday morning, world class musicians were rehearsing for the upcoming festival this weekend.   A simple excursion to buy tickets for a dance recital became the start of a most beautiful day, even though I was only wrapped in that incredible sound for a short time. Opening my car door on Tenth Avenue I was greeted by Mama Mallard and nine ducklings making her way at a fast and very determined pace towards the parking area behind the post office.  I couldn't bring myself to drive as far as the highway to see if she made it to the creek - I hope she did.  In the Arts Council Gallery, high school students were critiquing their peers art work, looking for balance, unity and all the elements that make a wonderful composition.  Down at the Heritage Inn, a captivated audience was learning more about the coast and country of the area that could be impacted by the Enbridge Pipeline and how we might preserve what many consider a beautiful and ever more diminishing wilderness.  

There is a saying that everyone needs beauty as well as bread - Tuesday was full of proof.

Make Way for Ducklings

Students Critiquing Art Work

M.P. Nathan Cullen addresses the audience and answers question about his riding and the impacts of the proposed Enbridge Pipelaine.

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