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Monday, May 12, 2014

Advance Notes for the Council Meeting of May12th, 2014, 6:00pm

5.1 1st Quarter RCMP Report

5.2 Sochi Olympics Presentation, Gordon McArthur


6.1 3795
To consider first, second and third readings for a proposed bylaw to regulate the use of Multi-Use Recreation Trails within the City

6.2 3796
To present the Cranbrook Tax Rates Bylaw to Council for three readings.
According to the City's Five Year Financial Plan, the City needs to raise $23,022,380 in General Municipal Property Taxes to balance its General Fund. The tax rates proposed by this Bylaw will raise $23,022,380 in general municipal property taxes and increase City property taxes by $867,000 (3.95% after adjusting for 'non-market change" of $222,000).

6.4 3798
To consider first and second reading and referrals for a proposed amendment of the Zoning Bylaw to rezone property located on 30th Avenue North from a C2 - Highway Commercial Zone- to a RT -Residential Transition Zone.

6.5 3799
Council consider City of Cranbrook Cease Fluoridation Bylaw No. 3799, 2014" and approve the question seeking assent voting (referendum).

6.6 3800
To consider first and second reading of a bylaw amendment to change the zoning map by amending the designation of District Lot 10360 from RR-16, Rural Residential (Extensive) Zone to RR-60, Rural Resource Zone.

New Business

8.1 Deer Resident Survey
To read the results go to:

8.2 RDEK referral Development Variance
To consider a referral from the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) concerning an application for a Development Variance Permit to vary the Wycliffe Zoning and Floodplain Management Bylaw. The applicant is requesting a variance of the front yard setback requirements for a principle building to
accommodate an attached double garage.

8.3  Baker Hill Development Permit
To consider approval of a Baker Hill Development Permit to enable construction of a single-family dwelling on property located at 233 - 10th Avenue South.

8.4  Revitalization Tax Exemption, Heid Out
To consider entering into a Revitalization Taxation Exemption Agreement with 649912 BC Ltd (The Heid Out and Fisher Peak Brewing Company) with respect to the recently completed development located at 821 Baker Street in downtown Cranbrook.

8.5  Development Permit Tim Hortons
To consider approval of an application for a Highway Commercial Development Permit to enable exterior (facade) renovations for an existing commercial building located at 1875 Cranbrook Street N., zoned C-2 - Highway Commercial Zone, and located within the Highway Corridor Commercial Development Permit area.

8.6  Development Permit, Canadian Tire
To consider approval of a Highway Corridor Commercial Development Permit to enable the construction of a commercial retail building on property located on McPhee Road, and zoned C2 -Highway Commercial Zone.

8.7  Street Closure, Farmer's Market
To request Council's approval of street closures on 10th Ave S. for the purpose of accommodating Farmer's Market events on Saturday mornings during the summer months of 2014.

8.8  15th St South Road failure
That Council approve funding of an amount not to exceed $100,000 for the emergency repair of 15th
Street S. from the General Operating Fund Accumulative Surplus.

8.9  Draft 2013, Audited Consolidated Final Statement

8.10  Coffee with the Mayor, notes

8.11 Resolution: Canada Post

Committee Reports

9.1 Family and Community Services
.Recommendation that That the Family and Community Services Committee invite Darcy Victor, Family Consultant, Poverty Reduction Initiative, Ministry of Children & Family Development, to appear again as a delegation to the Family and Community Services Committee as a follow-up to and for further discussion on the poverty issue.

10.1 Administration Update

11.1 Petition, 2nd St S. Redevelopment
Mayor and Council
I initiated the enclosed Petition. Council is spending money that should not be spent. The proposed 2nd Street Project West entrance signage/rock project; the eleven benches on 14th Avenue from 1lth street south to 15th Street south which cost approximately $74000;and Group Donations, like the $22,000 to the Arts Council; all brought this petition forth.
Money that should be used to improve City infrastructure.
Everyone I spoke to hated the bulged out and narrower intersections like 106 Avenue south and 1n street south- They are not practical especially in winter and snow plowing.
Tax payers should have more open discussion opportunities before decisions are made concerning these expensive projects.
I was amazed at the support this Petition received in such a short period of time. lt tells city council that the citizens of Cranbrook are not happy with the focus leaning toward beautification, by planting
more trees, shrubs and grass.
Mario Scodellaro

Dear Mario Scodellaro:
Re: Petition Related to the 2nd Street South Redevelopment proposal
Hi Mario
Thank-you for the petitions which we received today-veryimpressive! l will ensure that this
information is shared with staff and council at an upcoming council meeting.
The petition message is very clear on the proposed upgrading to 2nd Street South and the associated
potential cost. The petition does not say that the citizens of Cranbrook are unhappy with beautifying
Cranbrook by planting trees, shrubs and grass.
It will be interesting to see if a counter petition comes forward from citizens who support the upgraded
approach to the project. Either way we do have to fix 2nd Street South, including the underlying
infrastructure, and all road work in Cranbrook is expensive. lt is unlikely that this project will proceed in
2O14 regardless, due to other priorities.
Thanks for taking the time to do this - it is appreciated!
Mayor Stetski

12.1 - 12.9 Correspondence beginning:


12.6 Proclamation, World Oceans Week

12.7 Western Financial Place Care and Maintenance

Correspondence: On behalf of Mayor Derek Corrigan and Burnaby City Council, please find attached a resolution in opposition to the proposed alteration to the Agricultural Land Reserve. This resolution has been forwarded to the LMLGA for consideration of an emergency resolution at the 2014 LMLGA Annual General Meeting.

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