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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Post Notes for the Council Meeting of May 26th


5.1 Heritage Association: Little Brick Building
See material from Karen Crawford:
After the slide show presentation Ms Crawford asked that the order to demolish this building be rescinded. Councillor Warner gave notice for that motion.  The group was asked how their fund raising is going and Ms Crawford said that to date approximately $12,000 has been raised.  Donations can be made at City Hall if a tax receipt is required. Otherwise donations can be made in various locations including Lotus Books.


6.1 3795
That Council adopt the "Multi-Use Recreation Trail Bylaw No. 3795, 2014"; and further, that
Council direct Administration to proceed with enforcement of this bylaw on a complaint basis.

Staff would like to put up the applicable signage outlining the restrictions, but unless in bylaw, there is no enforcement mechanism. Since the trail opened, there have been discussions with bylaw staff and the RCMP, confirming that unless these restrictions are reflected in bylaw, these rules cannot be enforced. By accepting the proposed bylaw, motorized/equine restrictions on the trail can be enforced. Staff anticipate that there will be very low number of vehicle or equestrian use issues along the trail, especially with the addition of signage.
Councillor Warner asked about monitoring of the trail and was told that the RCMP cyclists will patrol when able or asked to do so.  Councillor Cross asked that Trail Etiquette signage also be considered.  She gave the example of walkers who use ear buds and cannot hear an oncoming cyclist warning voice or bell.

6.2 3797 OCP
Third reading and adoption of a proposed amendment to redesignate a property located on 30th Avenue from Highway "Commercial" to a "Low Density Residential"
It was explained this location is not the commercial corridor it was once anticipated to be.

6.3 3798
To consider third reading and adoption for a proposed amendment of the Zoning Bylaw to rezone
property located on 30th Avenue North from a "C-2 - Highway Commercial Zone" to a "RT -
Residential Transition Zone".

6.4 3800
To consider third reading and adoption of a bylaw amendment to change the zoning map by amending 
the designation of District Lot 10360 from RR-16, Rural Residential (Extensive) Zone to RR-60, Rural 
Resource Zone.

Business Arising

To seek Council's approval to submit to the RDEK Board an invitation to meet with Mayor Stetski and 
Council to enter into discussions regarding the creation of a joint Commission or Committee to review 
recreational services.
This issue has been on the table for a considerable time. Council felt this was a good first step and that with all the figures in place they were in a position to begin the discussion..

New Business
8.1 To present to Council for approval the unaudited complementary schedules produced in 
accordance with the Financial Information Act.

8.2 Coffee with the Mayor
Resident concerns brought to the attention of the Mayor can be read at:
Report accepted.

8.3 Mayor's Brown Bag Lunch
Responses to issues raised can be read at:

8.4 To consider approval of an application for a Downtown Commercial Development Permit to enable 
renovations to an existing commercial building located at 1213 Baker Lane, zoned C-1 - Community 
Commercial Zone, and located within the Downtown Commercial Development Permit area. 

Committee Reports
9.1 Environment and Utility
That Council approve the following recommendations from the Environment and Utilities Committee: 
1. That the Environment and Utilities Committee invite a delegation from the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resources Operations to come and speak to Council. 
2. Furthermore that the delegation from the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resources Operations be heard at a Special Council meeting

9.2 Environment and Utility 15year Asset Management
That Council approve in principle, the concept of developing an annual integrated capital program based on a 15 year integrated capital plan prepared by Administration to reflect Community needs based on priority and affordability, and That Council direct Administration to develop an integrated capital program policy to monitor and maintain a 15 year integrated capital plan based on priorities determined by Council at the beginning of each term, and to develop the annual capital budget plan for the consideration of Council not later than the end of September each year.

Administration Update
Can be read at:

12.1 Letter from Randy Tapp dancing in the Park
Begins 12.1

12.1 Letter from Randy Tapp, Dancing in the Park
$500 was awarded to cover the cost of Bandstand Rental for 5 Saturday Evenings this summer.

$500 was also awarded to the Philipino Community for their Cultural Celebration.

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