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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sunny Statistics

Following several days of fog (or mist) this article from the Huffington Post provides some clarity.

In Alberta, as is the case in most of the prairies, fog is a rarity, as are overcast, cloudy or generally gloomy days.
Parts of the province are so sunny that Canada's sunniest major city is in Alberta. The country's sunniest town is in Alberta. Heck, the sunniest piece of dirt in all of confederation is a chunk of prairie in the southeast corner of the province.
That little piece of sun-kissed turf is called Manyberries.

Manyberries, located approximately 300 km southeast of Calgary, gets 2,567 hours of glorious sunshine annually. Furthermore, the tiny hamlet sees sunshine 332 days each year. Yep, that's almost every day.

What about Cranbrook?  We are proud of being the sunniest City in BC but how do we rank in all of Canada?  Not only will you find out by reading this article, you will see some wonderful images.

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  1. Who in the world tracks hours of sunshine in Manyberries? Drove through the hamlet this spring and couldn't find a living soul. Hours of sunshine must be tracked by smart mosquitoes or those creepy rattlesnakes that live there. LOL