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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Post Notes for the Council Meeting of October 21st 2013

Councillor Scott absent.


ICBC - Road Safety
David Dean an ICBC road safety engineer gave an overview of ICBC's initiatives and programs available to enhance road safety. He also relayed some statistics, which form part of the basis for these programs and initiatives.  ICBC' s figures for 2012 in BC show 357 fatalities.  In Cranbrook alone in 2012 there were 1200 crashes resulting in 250 injured, including 10 pedestrian collisions.  Road safety is focused on three areas, safer vehicles, safer drivers and safer roads.  ICBC contributes 8 million dollars annually to road improvements and in Cranbrook has contributed to a better standard (diamond grade)of reflective stop signs.  programs have to see a return of results.  ICBC is seriously pursuing the use of roundabouts as the statistics for road safety improvement are impressive, showing a 76% reduction of accidents where they are put in place. The average contribution per roundabout from ICBC when a project is accepted is about $58,000.  Europeans are no strangers to roundabouts but instructional booklets on their use have been produced by ICBC.

Council Inquiries
Councillor Davis spoke at length about the Baker Hill Association.  Councillor Davis now supports the restoration of the Electrical Building.
Councillor Davis also requested that the City of Cranbrook consult with the City of Nelson with regard to both the Artist Coop and the Food Coops which have been so successful in that city.

Councillor Pallesen relayed the concern of a resident about a supposed  $250,000 cost for an electrical charging station planned for the West Entrance and the potential for downloading charges to the City.  Mayor Stetski made it clear the cost would be between $5000 and $10000 and that there was no such hefty line item in the 5 year Financial Plan.  $5,000 is the amount suggested.  Charges cost typically 30cents per charge and take much less time than a home charge.  (one presumes a meter would be installed?)

Councillor Warner enquired about the potential for the Wellness and Heritage Committee to take on a survey of those receiving the new frozen meal replacement for Meals on Wheels.  Councillor Warner was advised by CAO Staudt that this must be endorsed and the main responsibility of Council and only if Council requested it.  The committee cannot create its own agenda.

Administration Update

North Sector Area Plan
This concerns the area between Wildstone and Shadow Mountain.  An Open House is scheduled in the Manual Training Centre for Tuesday October 29th for those interested. 7:00- 9:00pm

Downtown City Lands Planning Workshop Tuesday November 5th 7-9:00pm

New City Website

2nd St. South redevelopment (This project carries a price tag of $800,000 per block) and Moir Gravel Pit redevelopment Open House, TBA
Scheduled for Wednesday November 6th

Library Washrooms.  Work will commence in mid November.  An extra $28,000 in funds is required from the City for a total cost of $210,000. RDEK will also contribute an extra $20,000 over their original committment.

Correspondence 9.1 -9.6

9.1 Community Achievement Awards
9.2 Federal Reserve Policy
Councillor Warner moved that a letter be sent endorsing the Delta letter which addresses concern over the proposed Federal Policy.  "ln particular, the changes will allow First Nations to add lands to their Reserve that are outside of their traditional territory.This means, for example, that a First Nation in the Caribou could acquire land in Delta and include it in their Reserve thereby removing it from municipal jurisdiction."
The letter can be read at:
The motion carried with Councillor Pallesen opposed.  Councillor Pallesen moved that a letter be sent to ask opinion of UBCM. Carried.

9.3 Proposed Election Reform

9.5 RDEK Highlights

9.6 Urban Wildlife Management
A task force on Urban Wildlife Management has been announced by Premier Clark

Veterans Week
National Philanthropy Awareness
Restorative Justice

Committee Recommendations

Cranbrook in Motion  The Committee recommends that the purchase of an electronic speed measuring device be made priority and that the signage at the junction just north of the COR facility and Victoria be also made priority.

New Business

Year of Reconciliation
Whereas the City of Cranbrook - ?akisiaq*i?it (ah-kis-kak-t i-it) - has activity engaged with the Ktunaxa First Nations on many aspects of our work; and Whereas continuing and strengthening this commitment is important in furthering our relationship based on mutual respect and honesty; and whereas reconciliation is an opportunity to advance new relationships between Cranbrook residents and our Aboriginal neighbours to build on a foundation of openness, dignity, understanding and hope; and Whereas through the process of reconciliation we have the opportunity for going and growing forward together as friends and neighbours to build a more positive future for all of our citizens; and
BE lT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT:  Cranbrook City Council proclaim October 21, 2013 to
October 21, 2014 as a Year of Reconciliation.

$10 Early Care and Learning Plan
WHEREAS the lack of child care in the Cranbrook area, means that people are turning away local jobs and not moving here, or they are having to leave the area, which is an economic barrier for businesses and services in our community; and WHEREAS the $10 A Day Child Care Plan offers a concrete solution to the child care crises facing BC families; 
BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT: The City of Cranbrook endorse the Community Plan for a Public System of Integrated Early Care and Learning (the $10/day Plan) proposed by the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC and the Early Childhood Educators of BC. Because this Plan has the potential to make a real difference for BC children, families and communities, the City of Cranbrook urges the provincial government to commit to the Plan's vision and work with communities to immediately begin its implementatio
Councillor Cross outlined the success of this plan in other provinces including Quebec.

Coffee with the Mayor


13.1 3725, Building Bylaw ,
The amended bylaw confirms a 3 year term rather than the 5 year term which was in error on the first reading.

13.2 3766, OCP Amendment, Elko Station, second reading

13.3 3777, Elko Station, Zoning Amendment, first and second reading
Carried. Public Hearing scheduled for November 4th Zoning Change from P2 to C1 Commercial.

13.4 3778, Annual Taxation Exemption
13.5 3779, Special Taxation Exemption. Cranbrook Golf Course
on 75% of the land for 5years. Carried 
Councillor Cross noted as the Golf Course has been assessed at 1.6million up from its original $250,000 this exemption results in a substantial savings for the Golf Course.  

13.6 3780 Heritage Amendment, Elko Station
1st and 2nd readings Carried

13.7 3781 Revenue Anticipation Borrowing.  This is a regular precaution to assist with cash flow only if required.
1st, 2nd, 3rd, readings carried.

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