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Monday, October 7, 2013

Blacktop, potholes and booboos.....?

Road to pumphouse
It was pointed out recently in a letter to the Townsman, that the road to the City's Spray Irrigation Pumphouse had been paved. Nice. However, many are questioning why, when so many of our roads are in such a deplorable state.

By now, most of Cranbrook's population has a fair understanding that past practice has led to much of the state of our roads and that they will not all be 'fixed' any time soon.  

Many are looking forward to an 'explanation' for this pumphouse paving expenditure in preference to other city roads.

12th Av S

19th St - maybe better than much of the paving in town!

Pumphouse paving
Post Script
We received this comment from Mayor Stetski:

A recent letter to the editor from Mr. Brian Kostiuk (Paving – Cranbrook Daily Townsman – Thursday September 26, 2013) was critical of the City using taxpayer dollars to pave an access road to the Spray Irrigation Administration Centre located off Highway 3/95 north of the City earlier this fall.
The paving work was first identified as the preferred dust control method in an engineering design study completed in 2009 as part of the overall Wastewater Improvement Program at the spray irrigation property.   City administration acknowledges and understands the concerns of Mr. Kostiuk and other citizens of the community that paving the road to the spray irrigation pump house may not have been the best use of the City’s resources given the City’s infrastructure deficit including City streets that are in need of repair and maintenance.  The CAO is reviewing the decision to pave the access road with staff.
The City would like to thank Mr. Kostiuk for bringing his concerns forward.

Wayne Stetski, Mayor
City of Cranbrook


  1. Lets not stop with this blatant waste of taxpayer money, the Welcome to Cranbrook sign cost should also be called to question. While we are at it lets ask about the $500k for the Arts Council???

  2. At this point in time the $500,000 you refer to, is is an amount suggested for an Arts Centre which hopefully would involve many arts groups but hopefully be spearheaded by The Cranbrook and District Arts Council. This amount would have to go to an Alternative Approval Process. We would like to think Cranbrook would welcome a much needed facility such as this, which would be a healthy economic generator and fulfill the needs of the many artists, aspiring artists and tourists looking for the arts and cultural facilities in Cranbrook.

  3. Not to argue the pros or cons of the $500K budget item but has CLCS not called the alternative approval process undemocratic in the past and fought hard for referendums to ensure better public consultation?

  4. I do not believe we have said the process was undemocratic but we have certainly found the timing used in the past i.e. peak holiday season, questionable. Having been involved in the process it certainly requires an enormous amount of time, coordination and public engagement. It is true that we have fought hard for referendums when dealing with major projects. Consultation is important in any event.

  5. So will CLCS be fighting hard for a referendum on a major project like awarding $500,000 to the Cranbrook and District Arts Council to operate a local Arts centre?