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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Post Notes for the Council Meeting of October 7th 2013

  • Youth Strategy Update,  Dana Osiowy  introduced Frankie Hols who outlined the strategy for community youth engagement.  Explaining that progress was dependent on heart, head and hands, i.e.the heart and love for the job, the head for planning and strategising and hands to carry out the action, she described activities so far.  There has been a get together for youth service providers to enable networking and a survey is being conducted and correlated. A youth event was held at IdleWild Park during August.  A Youth Advisory network is being formed.  It has been recognised that sometimes for youth it is a matter of knowing what is available rather than 'there being nothing to do' a phrase so often heard.  
Council Inquiries
Mayor Stetski enquired if staff would look into the feasibility of Cranbrook becoming an interior collection port for the collection of sufficient quantities of goods  necessary for shipment in and out of the city.  This suggestion has been made before and fits with comment that shipping from a smaller lumber mill is a barrier to business.
Councillor Pallesen asked staff if frontage road potholes in the vicinity of the Harley business could be taken care of as they are dangerous.  She also asked if the processing time for temporary sign permits could be shortened. CAO Staudt explained that if there is a backlog of applications, processing time does take longer.
Councillor Whetham enquired about the possibility of attending to road conditions in the vicinity of 9th St S and 29th Av.
Councillor Warner brought an enquiry forward from the Wellness and Heritage Committee, that staff ask Interior Health if a different system of paid parking be introduced to the Hospital Parking lot i.e one where a ticket would be issued on entering with the recorded time and payment be made when leaving for the actual stay time This system would avoid the troublesome business of having to leave the hospital to feed the meter.
Councillor Cross asked when the letter from Brian Kostiuk concerning paving of the pumphouse access road would be responded to.   CAO Staudt responded that a letter should be sent this week.

Administration Update
The full report can be read at:
Kevin Weaver updated council on the economic development portion of the report.  He reported the visit with the Asian visitors had been most successful.  He also stated the $4500 investment in partnering with Festival Seekers to promote the Gran Fondo had been a good investment.  Cranbrook's application for the senior games was not successful.
Library manager Ursula Brigl also gave an update concerning the success of summer programs.  She also stated the new library washrooms are in the design phase.

Correspondence 9.1 - 9.14
beginning with:

9.15 Proclamation Metis Week and Louis Riel Day Nov. 15 - 22nd
9.16 Proclamation Foster Family Month - October

Committee Reports
Urban Deer

to consider the recommendations made by the Urban Deer Management Advisory Committee.
That Council approve the following recommendations from the Urban Deer Management Advisory
1. THAT Council NOT conduct a cull of the urban deer population in 2013;
2. THAT the Urban Deer Management Advisory Committee conduct an urban deer population
count in November 2013;
3. THAT Council approve a new resident survey around future urban deer management be
created and conducted in 2014.

ICSP Cranbrook Connected

New Business
12.1 Spring Honda
To consider approval of an application for a Highway Corridor Commercial Development Permit to enable construction of an addition for an existing commercial building located at 1027 Victoria Ave N, and zoned C-2 - Highway Commercial Zone.
That Council approve the application for a Highway Corridor Commercial Development Permit to enable construction of an addition for an existing commercial building located on property legally described as Lot 3, District Lot 4, Kootenay District, Plan 8456, Except Part lncluded in Plan 18510 (PlD 013-224-158), consistent with the application and plans submitted.

Brown Bag Lunch Report
The full report can be read at:


13.1 Building Bylaw No. 3725, 2013
lncrease of building fees will help off-set administration costs of processing building permits and
inspections. The proposed fees are not intended to generate revenue but rather provide for some
additional cost recovery. Background of the report provides revenue/cost analysis.

13.2 OCP Amendment Bylaw 3776
To consider an amendment to the City's Official Community Plan (OCP) to amend the land use designation of the Elko Station property located at 1 Van Horne Street South from "Park i Institutional / Recreation" to "Core Commercial".
THAT Council give first reading to "City of Cranbrook Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 3776, 2013" to change the land use designation of Parcel A (Reference Plan 46091l) of District Lot 5 Kootenay District from "Park / lnstitutional / Recreation" to "Core Commercial", and authorize staff to undertake public consultation on the proposed amendment.

13.3 Annual Taxation Exemption Bylaw
To provide permissive property tax exemptions for the 2014 taxation year (Part 7, Division 7 of Community
That Council give first, second, and third reading to City of Cranbrook Annual Taxation Exemption Bylaw No.3778,2013.
Delete and/or add one or more properties to the list and/or allow for partial exemptions.

13.4  Special Taxation Exemption Bylaw 3779
To provide a permissive property tax exemption under Section 225 of the Community Charter to the Cranbrook Golf Course on 75% of the land maintained as a golf course for five years starting with the 2014 taxation year (Part 7, Division 7 of Community Charter).

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