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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Scouring for Good LNG News, Bureaucrats Came Up Mostly Empty, The Tyee

Scouring for Good LNG News, Bureaucrats Came Up Mostly Empty

Looking to hype industry near holidays, staffers couldn't find much to be jolly about.
By Bob Mackin, Yesterday, 

Bureaucrats in the BC Liberal government were hoping to wrap-up some good liquefied natural gas news last Christmas. But they apparently couldn't find much to be jolly about.

Documents released under freedom of information, after a request by the NDP, show how staff went looking for something, anything, about the slumping industry on which the BC Liberals have staked the province's future.

Darren Beaupre, the senior public affairs officer in the Natural Gas Development Ministry, encouraged his colleagues to find news release leads on Nov. 30, 2015.

"Are you able to canvas key people within LNG [task force] and see if any ministry projects/developments could warrant a public announcement (news release or otherwise) over next month or so?" Beaupre wrote in an email under the subject "Anything to Announce?" to Kursti Calder, the director of policy and decision support.

In a subsequent message, Beaupre explained in detail what types of information he sought.
"Project development agreements (likely none in December but hearing others we can announce)? LNG Conference 2016-we know we will announce the dates for this sometime in the near future... Power agreements? More/other sole proponent agreements? Anything that signifies completed work by ministry that helps LNG move forward..."
Wrote Calder to her colleagues: "I am not aware of any -- do you have anything."

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