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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Input sought for The Little Brick Building

From the City website:
Carl Schmideder volunteering his skills on the building
Cranbrook, BC (July 13, 2016) 
In order to tailor restoration work to meet the intended final use, the City of Cranbrook is seeking input from residents and local organizations for possible uses of the brick garage situated behind City Hall.
Situated at the southeast corner of Cranbrook City Hall the brick garage (the “garage”) is a municipally-owned building constructed in the early 1930s and used, at the time, as part of Cranbrook’ s Electrical & Waterworks department. 
To date the City has invested approximately $42,000 in restoration work on the garage, including asbestos abatement.  Additionally, the Cranbrook Heritage Association contributed roughly $30,000 in materials and labour to the restoration work.  The Cranbrook Heritage Association’s recent efforts focused on restoring the brick shell and roof of the garage.  Additionally, the interior of the garage was framed with dimension lumber to support the trusses and cladding of the new roof and strengthen the overall building structure. 
At this time, the garage’s interior is unfinished and lacks water, sewer, and electrical services as well as any form of heating / air conditioning.  Furthermore, there is no dedicated parking associated with the garage building.
The City is seeking input from residents and local organizations for possible uses of the brick garage.  A location map of the brick building and a full information backgrounder document are available by following the links provided.
You may submit your ideas in writing by email to, please refer to “Repurposing the Brick Garage” in your subject line, or by mail to:
40 – 10th Avenue South,
Cranbrook, BC  V1C 2M8.
ATTENTION: “Repurposing the Brick Garage”
All submissions must be received in City Hall no later than 4:30pm MDT, Friday August 12, 2016.
Please note that submission of your ideas to the City does not constitute any form of contractual agreement or understanding between the City and respondents to this invitation.  By submitting your ideas to the City you are giving the City an unrestricted right to use your ideas at the City’s discretion with no form of compensation from the City.
To help in formulating your ideas for repurposing of the garage, an open house of the garage will be held on Monday July 25, 2016 from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm (MDT).  City staff will be in attendance at that time to answer your questions regarding repurposing of the garage.

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