Citizens for a Livable Cranbrook Society provides grassroots leadership and an inclusive process, with a voice for all community members, to ensure that our community grows and develops in a way that incorporates an environmental ethic, offers a range of housing and transportation choices, encourages a vibrant and cultural life and supports sustainable, meaningful employment and business opportunities.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Wild Flower Bonanza

Now is a wonderful time to be walking in the meadows and forest.  Early blooming wild flowers linger in the shade and at higher elevations and a new flush of  later flowering varieties are beginning.
Shooting Stars, Dodecatheon

Prairie Crocus, above and below in various shades, Anenome

Woodland Star, Lithophragma

Spring Beauty, Montia

Lemonweed, Gromwell or Puccoon, Lithospermum

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