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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Regarding East Hill Zoning Application, RDEK Thursday April 7 at 2:15pm

 Re:  East Hill Zoning Referral

For clarification, Cranbrook Council discussions on the East Hill zoning referral reported in the Thursday, March 24 Townsman are correct in saying that RR-60 zoning designation on the property would not be changed. However, adding “solar energy facility” to the list of permitted uses for that zone would allow a utility scale “solar energy facility” to be constructed over some, any or all of the 6,600 acre property. To suggest that Cranbrook resident’s interests would not be affected by such a potentially massive and visually intrusive development overlooking the east side of the City is misleading.  

Also see our post of March 29th.

This item will be discussed at the RDEK Planning Committee meeting on April 7th 2:15pm  in the RDEK Board Room.   The public are able to attend as an observer, in addition to the RDEK Board meeting on April 8th at 9 AM in the RDEK Board Room. Below is the agenda for the RDEK Planning Meeting at 2:15, April 7th

The agenda for that meeting can be viewed below or at:

The item referred to above would appear to be 9.1.9. We have included this agenda so those hoping to attend can plan their time accordingly.

Planning & Development Services
Committee Meeting
April 7, 2016
2:15 pm
Members: All Directors (Director Booth as Chair and Director Juras as Vice Chair)
1. Call to Order
2. Addition of Late Items
3. Adoption of the Agenda
4. Adoption of the Minutes
4.1 March 3, 2016 Meeting
5. Delegations
5.1 Gary Tomlinson re Bylaw No. 2657 and Bylaw No. 2658 – item 9.1.1
5.2 Rob Macdonald re Bylaw No. 2674 – item 9.1.2
5.3 Kris Belanger re Bylaw No. 2676 – item 9.1.3
5.4 Rob Macdonald re Bylaw No. 2683 and Bylaw No. 2684 – item 9.1.5
5.5 Guy Kodila re Bylaw No. 2686 – item 9.1.6
5.6 Murray Evenson re Bylaw No. 2686 – item 9.1.6
5.7 Mark Halwa re Columbia Valley Greenways Trail Alliance MFLNRO Referral –
item 9.4.2
6. Correspondence
6.1 ALC Decisions
6.1.1 Luminary Holding Corporation & Charabin/Rosenfeld Non-Farm Use
6.2 Mine Referral
6.2.1 Hampton / Wildhorse River FSR, Fort Steele area
6.3 Miscellaneous
6.3.1 Planning & Development Services April Board Report
6.3.2 Interior Health Authority re Wasa Recreational Vehicle Petition
6.3.3 Minister of Agriculture re Agri-tourism and Farm Retail Sales in the
Agricultural Land Reserve
7. Advisory Commissions
7.1 APC Minutes
7.1.1 Area A – March 15, 2016
7.1.2 Area C – March 16, 2016
7.1.3 Area F & G – March 15, 2016
8. Unfinished Business
8.1 West Fernie Development Policy
9. New Business
9.1 Bylaw Amendments
9.1.1 Bylaw No. 2657 and Bylaw No. 2658 – Cunliffe Rd. / Tomlinson
9.1.2 Bylaw No. 2674 – Highway 3/93 / Lillejord
9.1.3 Bylaw No. 2676 – Toby Benches Official Community Plan
9.1.4 Bylaw No. 2677 – Miscellaneous / RDEK
9.1.5 Bylaw No. 2683 and Bylaw No. 2684 – Cranbrook South / Savage
9.1.6 Bylaw No. 2686 – Moyie / Kodila
9.1.7 Bylaw No. 2687 – Windermere / Stober
9.1.8 Bylaw No. 2688 – Edgewater / Ruault
9.1.9 Bylaw No. 2689 – Cranbrook East / 608534 BC Ltd.
9.1.10 Bylaw No. 2691 – Rosen Lake / Streloff
9.2 ALR Applications
9.2.1 Fort Steele / Fenner ALR Subdivision
9.2.2 Fort Steele / Walker ALR Subdivision
9.3 Development Variance Permit Applications
9.3.1 DVP No. 3-16 Wardner / Burton and Phipps
9.3.2 DVP No. 4-16 Wycliffe / Teck Metals Ltd.
9.4 Natural Resource Operations (NRO) Referrals
9.4.1 Area A – Elkford Snowmobile Association Crown Land Application to
Construct and Maintain a Warming Hut as a BC Recreation Site at the
Summit of Crossing Creek Trail, 9.5 kms northeast of Elkford.
9.4.2 Area F – Columbia Valley Greenways Trail Alliance Licence of
Occupation for a Multi-Use Non-Motorized Trail in the Rushmere area.
9.5 Miscellaneous Items
9.5.1 Request for Exemption from Providing a Professional Report – Highland
Ranch (Canada) Ltd.
9.5.2 Columbia River Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations
10. Late Agenda Items
11. Adjournment

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