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Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth's Days are Everyday

While parts of the world may focus on our mother ship one day of the year, this day, April 22nd, it is our everyday behaviours that will secure her future and therefore ours.  Do you recycle everything you can, compost your garden waste, fly only when necessary, walk or cycle when you can, buy as locally sourced food and products when you can, recreate responsibly - the list goes on? By doing some of these things, we hopefully contribute to our own well-being.
It is saddening to see such things as garbage dumped in our forests, recyclable goods wrapped in plastic and put out for city workers and wildflower meadows ripped up by recreational vehicles. Everyone of us however, is capable of trying a little harder to protect the incredibly beautiful planet we inhabit.  Today is the day to focus on that.  Some are doing it  at . Some are doing it at the United Nations .

Most of us are able to think about these issues in our own homes and hopefully add to the small things we can do everyday to preserve humanity's life line.

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