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Monday, August 3, 2015

Tyee: 'Perfect Storm' Engulfing Canada's Economy Perfectly Predictable

'Perfect Storm' Engulfing Canada's Economy Perfectly Predictable

Years ago Andrew Nikiforuk, citing experts, warned where Stephen Harper's priorities would lead us.
By Andrew Nikiforuk, Today, 

Economists, an irrational tribe of short-sighted mathematicians, are now calling Canada's declining economic fortunes "a perfect storm."
In any case, economists now lament that low oil prices have upended the nation's trade balance: "Canada has posted trade deficits every month this year, and the cumulative 2015 total of $13.6 billion is a record, exceeding the next highest, in 2009, of $2.95 billion."
But this unique perfect storm gets darker. China, which Harperites eagerly embraced as the globe's autocratic growth locomotive, has run out of steam.
As the country's notorious industrial revolution unwinds, China's stock market has imploded. Communist party cadres are now moving their money to foreign housing markets in places like Vancouver.
Throughout the world, analysts no longer refer to bitumen as Canada's destiny, but as a stranded asset. They view it as a poster child for over-spending, a symbol of climate chaos, a signature of peak oil and a textbook case of miserable energy returns. Nearly $60-billion worth of projects representing 1.6 million barrels of production were mothballed over the last year.
A new analysis by oil consultancy Wood Mackenzie reveals that capital flows into the oilsands could drop by two-thirds in the next few years.

To read the entire article from the Tyee go to the link above.

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