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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lotto Senate

Lightening up on a Sunday...

Anything but extinct: Rhinoceros Party back for 2015 federal election

State-run Tim Hortons, Senate lottery
Among their more ambitious promises for 2015 is a pledge to nationalize Tim Hortons, Canada's ubiquitous coffee shop chain.
Announcing the pledge in Montreal last week, Corriveau said that the "best way to improve and defend Canadian values and the Canadian dream" is to nationalize the coffee chain.
"We'll look at the results after five years, after 10 years, after 50 years and with the results of these studies we'll be able to determine if other economic sectors should also be nationalized and be privatized."

If elected, the party is also vowing to launch Loto Senate, a lottery game where Canadians can win seats in the Senate.

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