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Friday, August 21, 2015

Nigel Wright's Testimony Is Insulting to Canadians; Huffington Post, Frank Koller

Is anyone else profoundly insulted and deeply offended by this self-effacing statement from Nigel Wright as to why he forked over $90,000 of his own money, in secret, to pay Mike Duffy's debts?
Oh, wait a minute! On Thursday in court, Wright quoted the bible as justification for his charity: "My view is it was I was helping out, I was doing a good deed and sort of Matthew 6, right?"
What's next? A request for a papal indulgence?
And for this piousness, we are supposed to somehow shrug off his amazing leading role in this tawdry political scandal, because after all, Nigel did the right thing, as he saw it? Gee, what a nice guy!

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