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Monday, June 15, 2015

The selling of Canadian owned companies

An Opinion column from the Tyee:

Harper Shrugs as Foreigners Snap up Canadian-Owned Companies

PM waves goodbye to home-grown successes that should anchor economy. Second in a series.
By Mel Hurtig, 9 Jun 2015, 

[Editor's note: This is the second of five excerpts this week from The Arrogant Autocrat: Stephen Harper's Takeover of Canada, by noted Canadian nationalist Mel Hurtig. For an interview with Hurtig about his just published book, click here. To find the whole series, click here.]

While many Canadians are distressed by the loss of iconic Canadian companies like the Hudson's Bay Company and Tim Hortons, the same can't be said of our governments. They have mechanisms at their disposal to stop the wholesale sell-off of our nation, but they fail to act. Under Stephen Harper, we have continued to bid goodbye to far too many of our home-grown success stories. How will we ever recover these assets when they are gone?

Here is a partial list of Canadian companies sold to foreigners during a single month in 2014:
an integrated petroleum company
a major software design company
a manufacturer of office and school supplies
a marine construction services company
a company that bottles alcoholic beverages
a company that licenses, markets and distributes alcoholic beverages
a firm that provides translation services
a manufacturer and distributor of piano parts, tools and supplies
a second translation services company
a company that provides software and information technology
a company that designs, develops and sells video game engines
a company that provides solid waste collection, removal and transportation
a company that explores for and develops mineral resources
a company that provides wireless cost control management

There is no sign that the Harper government intends to do anything about this sell-off. It will continue, every day of every week of every month.

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