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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

BC Public Service Day in the Community Forest

 We Thank You

Last Tuesday June 16 was a busy day for volunteers working on improvements to our
Community Forest, which was this year’s recipient of the annual local Community Project
Initiative sponsored by the various Provincial ministries located in the East Kootenay.

The Forest has become a major destination for recreational enjoyment in our East Kootenay area.

Working in partnership with the Cranbrook Community Forest, 3 projects were planned, designated and completed.

Two of the Cranbrook Community Forest Society directors joined three volunteers , Chris from Highways, Lori from Mines and Pierre from Water Branch for a weed pull in the 4 Lakes area, which resulted in 45 kilograms of invasive weeds (mainly Dalmation Toadflax) being collected for disposal, setting back the spread of the weeds, and helping to provide more space for native species to thrive.

Tara Szkorupa let a trail signage group who installed ten new cedar trail signs within the southern part of forest.  These new signs replace some of the original signs which are fading with age.

The two major parking lots on Baker Street South received a top grading of new gravel, filling in potholes and levelling the areas.  Trails leading from the parking lots were also improved by sheer manual labour of many wheelbarrow loads spread by hand!  At the end of the day a small tractor was utilized to help spread the last of the significant loads of gravel for a very successful end result!

A special thanks to Darin Welch with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, who initiated and coordinated this project.  Our appreciation also goes to Jack, Brent, Erin, Susie, and Jeff and everyone else who participated and gave of their time and efforts!

From the Cranbrook Community Forest Society

Darin Welch spreads the gravel in the gas line parking area hand too!

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  1. A big thank you to these wonderful volunteers, from those of us who use the Community Forest every day.