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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wayne Stetski Seeks NDP Nomination for Kootenay Columbia

Letter to the Editor: 
On March 15th, I will be affirmed as the NDP candidate to run for MP in Kootenay Columbia. I am doing my part to ensure that the Harper Conservative government comes to an end at the next election.
Now, I know those sound like harsh words, and you know that I always try to be fair and measured in my approach.  But Stephen Harper has inflicted such serious damage on our country that it is getting more and more difficult to recognize the Canada we know and love. He’s damaged our reputation on the international stage and he’s brought our record on protecting the lakes and rivers we love to a new low.
I may be fair and measured, but I am also resolute and determined. And I believe that this country and this area deserve so much better.
I believe that regardless of your partisan or political beliefs, people understand the vital importance of ensuring that citizens are fully represented.  Since his election in 2011, the current MP David Wilks has said that he is not allowed to vote the way his constituents want him to in Parliament. He can only vote the way Stephen Harper tells him to, even when his constituents tell him that they strongly disagree.
I believe that democracy is poorly served by silencing a whole region in this way.  I believe that the people of Kootenay Columbia deserve better.
We only get to choose one person to represent us in Parliament, and it is very important that we choose someone who will speak out loudly in the best interest of this area.  And I am going to be that strong voice in Ottawa.
I want to invite you to join us at 1 PM on Sunday, March 15th at the Manual Training Centre to kick off my campaign.  Everyone is welcome, you do not have to be a member of the NDP to attend, or to participate in the campaign.
I would also be happy to speak with you if you have questions; feel free to give me a call at 250 489 5047 or email me at

Wayne Stetski
Cranbrook BC

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