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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dear Government Spin Doctor, The Tyee

Dear Government Spin Doctor: A Journalist's Final Warning
One last shot at the tyranny of the talking point.
By Sean Holman, 23 Feb 2015,

Dear government spin doctor,
I am working on a story about how your job is helping to kill Canada's democracy.
I know that your role, as a so-called communications professional, is to put the best spin on what the government is or isn't doing.
That means you often don't respond to the questions I ask; you help elected officials do the same thing; and you won't let me talk to those who have the answers.
While this may work out very well for you, it doesn't work out so well for my audience who, by the way, are taxpayers, voters and citizens.
So your refusal to provide me information is truly a refusal to provide the public with information.

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