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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Post Notes for the Council Meeting of March 23rd 2015

Councillor Popoff absent.

Public Hearing re Bylaw No 3819
OCP land use - light industrial to heavy on Theatre Road.
No presentations.


5.1 Cranbrook and District Arts Council,  Sioban Staplin and Bill McColl.  Proposal to develop Fire Hall No 1 into an Arts Centre and Gallery
A considerable time was devoted to questions after this presentation.  Please refer to the report on eKnow for this item.


6.1 Bylaw 3817

To consider "City of Cranbrook Leisure Services Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 3817, 2015", which adjusts Leisure Services Fees and Charges to reflect Council's direction to abolish the resident non-resident fee structure.
Adjustments to the Leisure Services fees and charges will result in a decrease to revenues of approximately $35,000 to $40,000 annually. Approximately $20,000 of this amount is reflected in Sports Pass purchases,while the remainder represents the additional fees non-residents paid for services such as aquatic admissions. It is expected that over time, increased usage from non-residents will gradually increase revenues, offsetting some of this initial budget impact.
The movement to abolish this system has been worked on for a number of years by the previous council.
Three readings. Carried.

6.2 Bylaw 3819
To consider third reading and adoption of a proposed amendment of the Official Community Plan to redesignate part of a property located on Theatre Road from a "Light Industrial" designation to a "Heavy Industrial" designation.

6.3 Bylaw 3820 Zoning
for above

6.4 Bylaw 3822

For Council to repeal Motor Control Center (MCC) Replacement - Spray Irrigation Facility Loan
Authorization Bylaw No. 3812, 2014 so that staff can proceed with a second alternative approval
process as set out in section 86 of the Community Charier to obtain elector approval on a borrowing
not to exceed $700,000.
Upon expiration of the statutory quashing period (which extends for one month after the adoption of
the bylaw), an application was made to the Inspector of Municipalities for a Certificate of Approval.
Unfortunately, the statutory requirement of having the deadline for submission of elector responses
be at least 30 days after the second newspaper publication was not met, being one day short.
Therefore, as the bylaw does not meet statutory requirements, it is prudent that the Motor Control
Center (MCC) Replacement - Spray Irrigation Facility Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 3812, 2014 be
Staff is bringing forward, under a separate report recommendation, a new loan authorization bylaw
to initiate the second alternative approval process.
This item was first discussed and voted on in a January Council Meeting.  At the time the need for a new pump and contributing infrastructure was considered urgent.  Council was then informed the item was not as urgent as first thought but the pump still required replacement.  The pump cannot be replaced at this late date as spraying in the sewage irrigation fields begins in May. The City has used the Alternative Approval many times to approve this kind of loan. This time the requirements for submission were not met and the process must be repeated.  Councillor Graham suggested that the funds be found in a surplus account as the City does have healthy surpluses.  CAO explained that the surplus accounts are within recommended guidelines and such things as the 'Sinkhole Sunday' event, (partly casued by a pressure reducing fault and partly by aging water mains) including the severing of a high speed internet cable require surplus funds to be in place.  The estimated cost of severing the cable (alone)was estimated to be $25000. This item resulted in considerable discussion between CAO Staudt, Director of Finance Charlotte Osborne and Councillor Graham. 
Three readings to initiate the AAP process once more by repealing the original bylaw carried.

New Business

8.1  CBK Youth Project
To obtain Council's authorization to continue the City's partnership with the Cranbrook Youth Project, under the oversight of the United Way East Kootenay; and to enter into a contribution agreement with the Columbia Basin Trust for years 3 and 4 of the Cranbrook Community Directed Youth Funds project.

8.2 Finance and Computer Services
To appoint one member of Council and two alternate members of Council as Municipal Insurance
Association of BC (MIABC) voting delegates.
Councillors Wes Graham and Tom Shypitka.

8.3 Library Board Appointments
Sandy Zeznik and ?

10.1 Administration Update
Urban Deer, Media Release, North Star R2T, Damage to Fibre Optic Public Works, Sink Hole repairs
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