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Thursday, November 20, 2014

A 'People-Centred' New Mayor for Victoria

From the Tyee:
For the full article:

Victoria mayor-elect Lisa Helps says many people have a hard time nailing down her politics. "For my whole life, I've been really hard to slap a label on," Helps said. "I guess that's what confuses people."

On Saturday, Helps defeated Dean Fortin, Victoria's two-term mayor, winning by just 89 votes. In an interview with The Tyee, Helps described her goals, priorities and governing style.

She said divisive politics that pit business against community interests, for example, are unhelpful in a small city like Victoria where "our small business culture here, it's inherently community based," she said.
"I don't see it as us versus them," she said. "I see it all as us, and that's my politics."

Sterk compared Helps' win in Victoria to similar political shifts in cities such as Winnipeg, which elected its first aboriginal mayor last month, and Calgary, where Naheed Nenshi was elected in 2010. In all three cities voters supported mayors who think and act differently, she said.
"There's a generational change happening across the country," Sterk said. "It's not just here."

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