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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mount Polley Inspection Reports

September 26th From the Vancouver Sun

VICTORIA — The B.C. government’s refusal to release inspection reports for the Mount Polley mine dam is “nonsense” and smells like a coverup, according to the province’s Opposition leader.
NDP leader John Horgan said Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett has a public obligation to explain what, if anything, the government did to address a tension crack in the earthen dam that was highlighted in a 2010 safety inspection the province has tried to keep hidden.
“To have a four-year-old record showing a 10- to 15-metre tension crack at the mine site is something the government should have responded to,” said Horgan. “If Mr. Bennett has nothing to hide, he should demonstrate government took this information and acted upon it.”
The government again refused Friday to discuss the report or provide subsequent inspection reports from 2011-2013, citing that it can’t share any information during its ongoing investigation into how the dam breached.

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