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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Climate Change Film Disruption premieres worldwide - and in Kimberley and Cranbrook

Climate Change Film Disruption premieres worldwide - and in Kimberley and Cranbrook

'Disruption', a new documentary on climate change, premieres around the world this Sunday, September 7th, including in Kimberley. The worldwide premiere is being organized in the lead up to the People’s Climate March in New York later in the September. The screening in Kimberley, plus a second screening in Cranbrook on Wednesday, September 10th, both organized by Wildsight, will inspire viewers for a local climate rally in Cranbrook scheduled for September 20th.

The film asks the question: “When it comes to climate change, why do we do so little when we know so much?” Through a relentless investigation to find the answer, Disruption takes an unflinching look at the devastating consequences of our inaction.
The exploration lays bare the terrifying science, the shattered political process, the unrelenting industry special interests and the civic stasis that have brought humans to this social, moral and ecological crossroads. The film also takes us behind-the-scenes of the efforts to organize the largest climate rally in the history of the planet during the UN world climate summit.

Disruption is the story of our unique moment in history: an age of tipping points and rapid social and planetary change. The film enlarges the issue beyond climate impacts and makes a compelling call for bold action that is strong enough to tip the balance to build a clean energy future.
“We are excited and inspired by the People’s Climate Rally coming together in NYC” said Lars Sander-Green, Wildsight’s Climate Program Manager, “and so we wanted to show this film to help inspire people for a local rally - and to give people a chance to get discuss plans for that rally.”

Later this September, the UN world climate summit takes place in New York City. On Sept 21st, the largest climate rally in history takes to the streets of NYC to demand climate action from world leaders - and on Sept 20th, locals will take to the streets of Cranbrook to do the same.

Disruption shows in Kimberley for the simultaneous world premiere on Sunday, September 7th at Centre 64, 7:30pm. In Cranbrook, the film screens at the College of the Rockies Lecture Theatre at7:30pm on Wednesday, September 10th. Admission is by donation to Wildsight.

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