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Sunday, September 7, 2014

More Perspectives on the Education Dispute.

In an interview on CBC radio today the point was made that people read articles which support their point if view. There is no doubt about that.  Go to Global BC and you will find a poll that as of today mostly supports the Government's side of this dispute. The Angus Reid poll also shows teachers are supported more than Government.  However, it is the information on which these opinion polls are based, that is more important and one needs to read all sides to get a balanced perspective.

These links provide more reading material.

Tyee Poll:
Last week's Tyee poll on whether reader sympathies have changed throughout the course of the B.C. teachers' strike was one of our biggest polls ever.
By Friday afternoon, more than 3,330 readers had cast a vote, with 90 per cent saying they've always supported the teachers' position, and still do. Five per cent said they've always supported the government's position, and still do.

Everything you need to know about this round of teacher bargaining:

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