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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Post Notes for the Council Meeting of Monday June 9th

Notes in brief.

A delegation of local postal workers presented their case for continuation of door to door delivery.  The lawn signs and handouts were also made available to Council.  These signs are available to anyone from postal workers. The delegation received good support from some Councillors but with Councillor Scott admitting she has reservations and stating that times have changed and maybe we need to accept that change.

Cranbrook Community Theatre lease was repealed.

There was considerable discussion around the Asset Management Recommendations.  It was pointed out by CAO Staudt that for a couple of years the Five Year Financial Plan and Asset Management Plan might be in conflict of one another and that some capital project priorities might change.

Jeanette Sissons was appointed to the Wellness and heritage Committee as the representative for the newly formed Heritage Subcommittee.  Three more appointments will be made to this committee.

The report recommendation and priorities from the Wellness and Heritage Committee which were requested by Council passed.  Councillors Scott and Pallesen opposed this recommendation however as they objected to items 3 and 4 and assumed this would cause more work for staff.

1. THAT Council direct staff to enter into formal discussions with the School Board No.5 Southeast Kootenay to propose establishing an off-leash dog facility at the old Muriel Baxter Elementary school site; and
2. THAT Council reallocate funds in the 2014 budget for fencing an off-leash area at Moir Centennial Athletic Park toward any improvements required for an off-leash area at Muriel Baxter Elementary school site as required.
3. THAT the Wellness and Heritage Committee recommends that the following items be established as the City's three community health priorities:
• Providing accessible recreation opportunities to promote lifelong active living
• Education and Awareness, to inform the community of the variety health,
wellness and support services available to them
• Supporting Food Security and Local Food Production initiatives; and

4. THAT if the three community health priorities are accepted, Council would direct the Wellness and Heritage Committee to identify potential action opportunities within each priority, and present action opportunities to Council at a future date.

Administration Report can be read online at:

In Correspondence (beginning,
a motion was made to send a request to BC Transit asking that a drop off bus stop be added as requested by 12.1

CAO Staudt stated that as much is being done under the City bylaws as is possible with regard to 3113 2nd St S. 12.2

The request for additional $3350 for Canada Day Celebrations was approved.

Paving of the RV Park road was not approved as the Five Year Financial Plan has been set and it is against the Community Charter to change the Plan.

The request from Mandie Bessie of the P.A.R.T.Y. program was deferred until Council can determine if funds have been allocated previously.

Sierra Oatman whose letter requesting a Bylaw to permit Backyard Chickens received praise from all Councillors for her letter to Council.  Mayor Stetski indicated this matter will come back to Council as he supports it.  Councillors Warner, Cross and Davis and also supported her request.

Tania Symonds letter indicating support for a Dog park on the Muriel Baxter site was well received.

The Ribbon Cutting for the Bike Skills Park will occur June 14th.

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