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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mayor Stetski announces his intention to run for a second term

"I have really enjoyed working for the citizens of Cranbrook and therefore am announcing today that I will be seeking re-election as Mayor on November 15th, 2014" said incumbent Mayor Wayne Stetski on June 11th outside City Hall.  The term Mayor Stetski is seeking will be potentially for four years.

Mayor Stetski stated he felt good progress was being made on such items as removing barriers to business, making Cranbrook more accessible to those with mobility issues, working towards a youth friendly community, on improving roads and infrastructure, supporting arts and multi-culturalism and in beautifying Cranbrook.
In the question and answer period after the announcement, Mayor Stetski was asked if he knew who his opponents might be.  He stated that at this time he did not know but he did elaborate a little on the qualities he felt were necessary to hold the position, those being a genuine liking of all people, happy and unhappy.  He also stated that the number one quality to have is patience as, "You won't change the world overnight.  It takes time to bring change."

Despite the many distractions of the job Mayor Stetski said he has learned to stay focused on the tasks and goals that are important.

Pictured above, Mayor Stetski with his wife Audrey and below Mayor Stetski talking to press.

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