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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Post Council Notes from the Meeting of June 23rd 2014

The Electrical Building has received another extension of the stay on demolition for fundraising purposes. In the meantime procedure will be determined for rescinding the original demolition order.

As no one was present from the Cranbrook Guardian blog to report on last evening's meeting, it best be watched at:

Elizabeth Lake News

Since our last report we have learned from the RDEK that the City met with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and Water Stewardship on June 18th to discuss options for removing water from Elizabeth Lake.  The City of Cranbrook and the RDEK representatives subsequently met to further discuss options.  These meetings follow a number of meetings that have been held to discuss flooding at Elizabeth Lake.  The City is now apparently making plans to put another system in place.  Pumps were used initially.  A trial opening of the culverts was tried but as flow was not restricted and some flooding ensued, it has now been artificially cut off with gravel.

It is known several suggestions of siphoning systems were forwarded to the City in early April.  It is being rumoured that a system is being worked out.

We wait again with interest.

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  1. Sadly it's been one delay after another by the City for the past three months to find a solution to this problem. How much longer will it take? A public announcement to give hope to those most affected would be an important first positive step!