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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Post Notes for the Council Meeting of September 9th

Councillors Pallesen and Scott absent.

  1. David Wilks, M.P. Update on events in Ottawa and this riding.  M.P. Wilks spoke of the upcoming release of money from the Community Infrastructure Fund.  He asked that municipalities prioritize to three optional projects when requesting funds and that the total cost for a project required (including the city's contribution)be not more than between 3 and 15 million.  The mandatory 'green' component of the grant applications will be removed.  Mr Wilks also spoke of the anticipated new legislation regarding medical marijuana grow operations.  Currently health regulators know where the operations exist but other authorities do not.  As a result all grow ops will have to be 'torn down', quoting Mr Wilks and new applications will have to be made. He requested that any new application granted be contained to Industrial zoning only.  In this way tighter control will be made possible.
Councillor Davis requested M.P. Wilks put him in touch with management at CBC as he feels the news is too negative.  He would like to know what we can do to make it more positive.
Councillor Cross asked what M.P. Wilks was prepared to do for constituents with regard to rail safety.  She pointed specifically to the four items under correspondence that Council has been asked to deal with.  She asked about insurance requirements for companies in light of the apparent need for taxpayers to cover costs for the disaster in Quebec.
  1. Ron Popoff of the Noon Hour Rotary Club of Cranbrook re:  History of Rotary and partnership with City and update regarding North Star Trail and expansion of Rotary Way.  Ron Popoff gave an overview of the Rotary Way project, how it is not yet complete and plans for the future.  Rotary intends to continue working with the City to further connect the trail to the City.
  2. Dana Osiowy, Frankie Hols and Carly Proudfoot, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cranbrook re:  Report – 100th Anniversary of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada.  Dana Osiowy and Carly Proudfoot gave an overview of the work Big Brothers and Sisters are doing and discussed how the group has expanded their work into the community. Statistics were provided to demonstrate the amazing benefit to children who take part in the program.  Approximately 302 children have been affected by the program over the past year and the organisation is always looking for people who would like to be involved in the program.
Council Inquiries
After a lengthy introduction Councillor Davis enquired if he had Council's approval to go ahead with Councillor Pallesen to discuss the cross border/province shopping issues Cranbrook business faces and what might be done about it.  Council approved.

Councillor Whetham raised the topic of Waste Management and the fact that the Elk Valley have until now hauled their waste to Alberta but are looking to be included in the central/Cranbrook collection area.   Discussion is required as to whether this would be a wise thing to do.  Financially it could benefit the city by between $600 and $700,000 per annum but may well reduce the lifespan of the landfill by one third or more.

Mayor Stetski raised some traffic issues. The dangerous intersection of 14th St S and 8th Avenue was discussed and referred to Cranbrook in Motion.  This is the turning from 14th St  towards the Colombo Lodge.  Frequently in winter those unfamiliar with the hill speed down from the Colombo Hall and slide across 14th St and into private property. It is not uncommon to hear the screech of brakes whenever there is a function at the Colombo Lodge and leavers fail to slow down or stop when before turning onto 14th St. The correspondent requested a Stop sign rather than a Yield sign.
Wheelchair accessibility at Victoria and 2nd St N was also referred to Cranbrook in Motion. Landscaping rocks make it impossible to reach the push buttons from a seated position.

Administration Update
Can be read at:
Includes Seniors rate report for airport parking, Highway 3/95 vacancy, Speed Bumps for 2nd St South, Finance and Computer Services report, swimming fees for people with disabilities, Public Works report including items concerning pedestrian crosswalk, Moir Park watering schedule and Clocktower Square. 
Council requested that staff look into the costs for speed readers and coloured road markings for 2nd St S. as methods for slowing traffic.
Councillor Warner, with regard to airport parking fees for seniors pointed out that seniors display a sticker indicating they are seniors so any difficulty identifying those vehicles should not be a problem and as the airport is City property and as seniors are permitted to park for free within the City this courtesy should be extended to the airport.

9.1 - 9.9
Items 9.1 through 9.4 concern railroad safety issues
A representative from CP rail will be invited to Council for informational purposes.

$140 was granted out of contingency to the several individual requests for assistance to various sporting events.

9.11 - 9.12
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day, Waste Reduction Week and United Way Month.
All were proclaimed. Friday September the 13th is parking free day with businesses contributing to United Way in lieu.
9.13 - a late item from Highland PAC was referred to Cranbrook in Motion.

Committee Recommendations
Highway 3/95
The committee made a request that with MOTI wayfinding signage to city amenities be evaluated.

New Business

WHEREAS there has been recent interest in the preservation of historical City owned buildings including the brick garage located behind City Hall known as the former Works and Electrical building; 

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the City host a planning workshop to identify requirements and seek public input on future use of City owned buildings and lands in the vicinity of City Hall including the Fire Hall, the RCMP building and former Works and Electrical building. 

Submitted by Councillor B. Whetham

Mayors Brown Bag Lunch Report

Coffee with the Mayor Report
The issue of excess water appearing in the Park Royal City Park has been investigated and a report will be sent to Mr Ridgely.

Elko Station Rezoning Request
Rezoning to Commercial approved.  This may enable the Elko Station to be used for fundraising purposes.

Appointment to Family and Community Services Committee - Theresa Bartaroff

RDEK Bylaw referral

To consider a referral from the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) to change the home based business regulations in the Cranbrook Rural Zoning Bylaw, Moyie Land Use Bylaw, Fort Steele-Bull River Land Use Bylaw and the Rockyview OCP of Electoral Area C. The amendments will introduce Minor Home Based Business (Bylaws 2453, 2457, and 2459) and introduce policies that support rezoning applications to add major home based businesses as a permitted use on parcels 4.0 ha or larger (Bylaws 2457, 2459 & 2496).
Council approved administration's recommendations that only minor business be approved of.  All but Councillor Davis were opposed to Major home based business being permitted. 

Zoning Amendment

Proposed Zoning Amendment Bylaw 3775, 2013, would add "Recreational vehicle service, sales and rental" as permitted uses to the C-2 - Highway Commercial Zone.

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