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Monday, September 2, 2013

Apple Capture

by Jenny Humphrey

Natural, plentiful, homegrown apple juice
Wildsight's apple capture program started in an effort to prevent bears and other wildlife being attracted into municipalities or areas where fruit was there for the taking because it had not been picked.

Part of this program has been the free loan of equipment for juicing. Large quantities of apples can be intimidating for there is only so much apple pie one family can eat and not all apples are great keepers, especially some of the older varieties grown in this area.  Up until recently equipment was located only in Kimberley and Fernie but Wildsight has now provided equipment in Cranbrook.

Grinding the apples
Tightening the apple press

My family took advantage of the equipment this last weekend and had a fabulous day of picking and juicing. Many older gardens in the area possess a Haralsen and or Harcourt Apple tree as we do and both in my garden anyway, are prolific producers although the Harcourt provided us with sweeter juice.  It really doesn't matter the variety of apple for juicing however - if you have a prolific crop of edible apples, the use of this equipment is a godsend. 

Remaining apple waste can go into the compost or if you know someone with pigs, they might appreciate it.

We now have a winter's supply of fabulous apple juice tucked away in the freezer and a load more of the more sour apples waiting for somebody's hand to try real cider.

Details of this great program can be found at:

Thank you Wildsight!

Post Script for lovers of limericks with dialect:

Zere woz a young laydy vrom Rhyde
Drunked zo much juice that she died
The applez vermented inzide the lamented
Turned to zoider inzoid’er inzoid.

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