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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Joseph Creek Stream Keepers need your help September 17th, 18th

Joseph Creek Streamkeepers are holding a work bee next Tuesday and Wednesday between 5 and 8 PM at Spooner Park between Mt Baker High School and Western Financial Place and are looking for your help. 

Over a year ago native plants were planted in clusters called permaculture guilds involving group of smaller native plants planted around evergreens. As they grew so did the grasses and weeds including invasive weeds like burdock. Last July several members assisted a professional remove the burdock, weeds and grasses. This treatment has been repeated. Now the group would appreciate assistance from any interested members of the public who have time to help lay sheets of cardboard to cover the area around the permaculture guilds to prevent sunlight from reaching the grass. Then mulch will be dumped on top of the cardboard which should eliminate grasses and weeds.

For more information call Stewart Wilson at 250 489 1422.

It is hoped that native plants will be protected and invasive weeds like burdock will eradicated by clearing the riparian area of weeds then placing layers of cardboard covered in mulch around the permaculture guilds.

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