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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Post Notes for the Council Meeting of November 5th, 2012


5.1 Stephen Whelan, Canadian Home Builders Association
Stephen Whelan gave an overview of the work of CHBA in this Rocky Mountain Division, which extends through the valley.  There are 24 members locally.  CHBA has a green Building Code composed of different levels of sustainable building.  Councillor Cross asked if there is an Adaptation to Climate Change component to the Provincial Building Code.  Mr Whelan did not know and has not yet seen the final copy of the new Provincial Building Code.  

5.2 Liz White, Animal Alliance of Canada re: Deer Management
Liz White assisted by Barry MacKay gave a presentation which focused mostly on what the Animal Alliance sees as the inadequacies of current methods for dealing with urban deer.  The Alliance would like to see this City Council and Administration ask for provincial exemptions to the current regulations to enable the city to use either use hormone treatment or hazing as methods for urban deer control.  Mayor Stetski pointed out that all wildlife belongs to the Province and comes under the Province's jurisdiction and as such the City's hands are tied as to what they are able to do.  The delegation did not discuss the issue of encroachment of predatory animals into the city.  

Council Inquiries
Councillor Davis read a prepared statement.  Councillor Davis seemed to have some concerns regarding the request to the province from Municipal Mayors for a greater or more systematic allocation/percentage of taxes.  His concern seemed to focus on not wishing to see more centralisation of government.
Councillor Warner had received an inquiry as to why, when the new sign bylaw has not yet been adopted, one business on the strip has already installed a non-conforming sign.  This business owner making enquiries and who went through the correct channels is frustrated at the lack of bylaw enforcement.  Administration will look into this.

7.1 Administration Updates
Can be read in full at:

The City has received a request from the RDEK to comment on proposed changes to Home Based Business Regulations. There are concerns that the introduction of light industrial uses in the Cranbrook Rural Area may have a potential impact on the City's ability to attract new  business opportunities or to maintain its light industrial base.
Council will request that the RDEK present to Council regarding this issue.

Fire and Emergency Services provided clarification from the RCMP regarding calls received from the public to 911 re: impaired drivers. 911 is prepared to receive these type of calls to maintain public safety.
At the last Council meeting Council requested clarification around the use of the 911 number to report impaired driving - The RCMP is prepared for the 911 calls to reports these incidents.

Tennis Courts are near completion with new fencing now complete. The Plexi-pave coating and net will be installed in 2013.

All correspondence can be read beginning:

9.1 Better at Home Program
9.2 Columbia River Treaty Review Update
Mayor Stetski thanked Sally McDonald of the Townsman for her detailed report of this very well attended meeting.  There were frustrations from the public that copies of the maps could not be obtained and Ms McDonald did her best to describe these pieces of land.

9.3 Annual Fall Book Sale Thank You
$15,000.00 was raised.  These proceeds will be split 50/50 between the Library and Sunrise Rotary.

9.4 Lease of #1 Fire Hall Building - Request by Cranbrook and District Search and Rescue Society to know what the City has planned for the Fire Hall which they now lease from the City.
Councillor Cross read the resolution made in March of 2011 which stated that at the end of the current contract with Search and Rescue, Firehall No 1 would be offered to the Arts Council.  Mayor Stetski confirmed that the final decision will be that of the City in an effort to determine the best use of that building for the benefit of the downtown.  He confirmed that the City will not see Search and Rescue out of a home wherever that home may be.  

9.5 Off Lease Dog Park - The Board of Education of School District No. 5 deny the request to use the Muriel Baxter school site as a off lease dog park.
No reason was given for this one line response to Council.  Administration will request more information.

9.6 Benefit Rates Persons with Disabilities
9.7 Retirement of Cranbrook in Bloom Committee
Mayor Stetski reported this letter as sad news but thanked the CIB Committee for all their work.  Councillors also expressed their thanks for the hard work of this committee to make our city more beautiful.  The Cranbrook in Bloom Committee will appear as a delegation in January.

9.8 Community Mail Boxes - Canada Post will charge developers to install and activate all Community Mail Boxes in new developments.
9.9 BC Ideas
This letter explained the work of BC Ideas.
Over 400 hundred ideas for innovation can currently be viewed by going to Changemakers, Competitions and Partners and then BC Ideas
9.10 MADD Campaign
9.11 Traffic Concerns - Several areas including Baker St. and 17th Ave. S, 2nd St. N.and 24th Ave. N, Top of Victoria and 11th St. S., Victoria St. and 1st Ave. S. were included in the letter.
These concerns were referred to the Cranbrook in Motion Committee.
9.12 Request for Sidewalk installed from 6th St. N. to Remax Realty on the North side of Cranbrook St.
Referred to administration.

9.13 Black Friday Downtown Parking
Free parking for Cranbrook Black Friday, November 16th was granted.

New Business

12.1  Financial Audit Services


13.1 Bylaws 3758 Revenue Anticipation Borrowing
This amount as reported in the last Council meeting notes, for cash flow and emergency purposes only, was adopted.

13.2 Bylaws 3759 Waterworks Amendment
The increase of residential water rates from $18 to $19 was adopted.  Councillor Cross reported that apparently 100 water meters in the industrial sector are poorly functioning.  This will be investigated.

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