Citizens for a Livable Cranbrook Society provides grassroots leadership and an inclusive process, with a voice for all community members, to ensure that our community grows and develops in a way that incorporates an environmental ethic, offers a range of housing and transportation choices, encourages a vibrant and cultural life and supports sustainable, meaningful employment and business opportunities.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Advance Council Notes


5.1 Stephen Whelan, Canadian Home Builders Association
5.2 Liz White, Animal Alliance of Canada re: Deer Management

7.1 Administration Updates

The City has received a request from the RDEK to comment on proposed changes to Home Based Business Regulations. There are concerns that the introduction of light industrial uses in the Cranbrook Rural Area may have a potential impact on the City's ability to attract new  business opportunities or to maintain its light industrial base.

Fire and Emergency Services provided clarification from the RCMP regarding calls received from the public to 911 re: impaired drivers. 911 is prepared to receive these type of calls to maintain public safety.

Tennis Courts are near completion with new fencing now complete. The Plexi-pave coating and net will be installed in 2013.


9.1 Better at Home Program
9.2 Columbia River Treaty Review Update
9.3 Annual Fall Book Sale Thank You
9.4 Lease of #1 Fire Hall Building - Request by Cranbrook and District Search and Rescue Society to know what the City has planned for the Fire Hall which they now lease from the City.
9.5 Off Lease Dog Park - Th Board of Education of School District No. 5 deny the request to use the Muriel Baxter school site as a off lease dog park.
9.6 Benefit Rates Persons with Disabilities
9.7 Retirement of Cranbrook in Bloom Committee
9.8 Community Mail Boxes - Canada Post will charge developers to install and activate all Community Mail Boxes in new developments.
9.9 BC Ideas
9.10 MADD Campaign
9.11 Traffic Concerns - Several areas including Baker St. & 17th Ave. S, 2nd St. N. & 24th Ave. N, Top of Victoria & 11th St. S., Victoria St. & 1st Ave. S. were included in the letter.
9.12 Request for Sidewalk installed from 6th St. N. to Remax Realty on the North side of Cranbrook St.
9.13 Black Friday Downtown Parking

New Business

12.1  Financial Audit Services


13.1 Bylaws 3758 Revenue Anticipation Borrowing
13.2 Bylaws 3759 Waterworks Amendment


  1. These summaries are so helpful. Thanks for taking the time to do this valuable service for interested citizens.

    It's a pity that the School Board denied the City's request to use the former Muriel Baxter site as an off-leash dog park, as the field has been lying unused for a number of years?

  2. Very disappointed in the School Board's Decision re a dog park on the centrally located Muriel Baxter Grounds. Why not???
    What is standing in the way? This is such a perfect location and would provide such a community building service.